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Shooting Industry September Digital Edition - Page 47

Chiappa Firearms innovator Chiappa has a new player on their team – the M9 pistol. The latest addition to Chiappa’s line of quality firearms, the M9 is a true and faithful reproduction of the original, chambered in .22LR. Along with its cousin the 1911-22, these two reproduction handguns are “must haves” for serious collector-shooters. SEE your local gun dealertoday! Lone Wolf Distributors Custom Machined Slide The Custom Machined Slide from Lone Wolf Distributors adds a distinctive look to slides and is available in three patterns. Machining is only available on Glock aftermarket stainless steel slides. Lone Wolf Distributors (208) 448-0600 SI DIGITAL Hot Link Hunter’s Specialties Expert Edge The Expert Edge elk calling kit from Wayne Carlton’s Calls features three Premium Flex Infinity Latex diaphragm calls — the Single Reed, Double Reed and the 2.5 Reed, which produce a wide range of bull and cow elk sounds. Kit also includes an instructional DVD featuring elk calling legend Wayne Carlton, who gives tips on using diaphragm calls to bring in a trophy bull elk. Legacy Sports Escort Supreme 20 Ga. A 20-gauge model has been added to Legacy’s Escort Supreme line. The 20 gauge is available with right- or true lefthanded actions. Shotgun features 26-inch nickel chrome moly lined barrel proofed for steel shot, SMART valve cycling system that cycles all types of loads, FAST Loading System, magazine cut-off, raised ventilated rib, fiber optic front sight and five interchangeable chokes. Stock is Turkish Walnut finished in high gloss. SEPTEMBER 2012 47 Hunter’s Specialties (319) 395-0321 SI DIGITAL Legacy Sports International 1-800-553-4229 SI DIGITAL Hot Link Hot Link

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