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Shooting Industry September Digital Edition - Page 46

IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTICE WEATHERBY® VANGUARD® STAINLESS STEEL RIFLES Weatherby, Inc. is performing a Product Recall of Vanguard® Stainless Steel Rifles manufactured between June 2010 and September 2011. This recall does not apply to any other model of Vanguard® rifles. Weatherby has learned that the barrels of some Vanguard® Stainless Steel Rifles manufactured during this time period were not tightened with the force specified, and may become loosened with continued use. Use of a rifle with a loosened barrel may lead to a discharge failure or to personal injury. To determine if your rifle is affected by this recall, please refer to the Serial Number list located at or call the Weatherby Upgrade Department toll free at 888-770-7138. Gemini Defense Low Profile Combat Sights Low Profile Combat Sights are ideal for reflexive shooting. The design enables onehanded slide racks. When bracket is illuminated for 60 seconds, the afterglow lasts for up to 8 hours for use in low-light conditions. Brackets are bisected to align the shooter’s eye with the front post for effective shot placement. Gemini Defense (301) 529-8443 SI DIGITAL Hot Link FNH USA FN P-12 The FN P-12 pump shotgun marks FNH USA’s reentry into the pump shotgun market. The FN P-12 features a 5+1 round capacity and premium matte black finish over anodized aluminum. The Belgium-made cantilever barrel is 18-inches long, fully chrome lined and factory installed with an Improved Cylinder stainless steel choke tube. Additional features include a fiberoptic front sight and flip-up iron sight, plus a Weaver rail pattern. FNH USA If you own a Weatherby® Vanguard® Stainless Steel Rifle with a serial number that is included in the Serial Number List, STOP USING YOUR RIFLE IMMEDIATELY. USE OF YOUR RIFLE MAY RESULT IN AN ACCIDENT AND/OR SEVERE INJURY. Do not use your rifle until it has been inspected and, if necessary, repaired by the Weatherby Upgrade Department. The affected rifles were originally sold through licensed gun dealers nationwide, and some of them may have been resold by the original owners through retail gun dealers, trade shows, or privately. If you have sold, traded, or given away an affected Weatherby® Vanguard® Stainless Steel Rifles, it is important that you forward this Safety Notice to the current owner. Weatherby apologizes for any inconvenience to its customers resulting from this recall, but it is important that owners of affected rifles take advantage of this free recall and do not use an affected rifle before it has been inspected and, if necessary, repaired. All work will be done at no charge. 1-800-635-1321 SI DIGITAL Hot Link LaserMax CenterFire Laser For S&W M&P Shield The CenterFire Laser Series is now available for use with the Smith & Wesson M&P Shield. The CenterFire integrates with the tactical design of the M&P, mounting directly to the frame without changing out parts. The constant red laser beam sits just under the bore, and prevents the user’s finger from blocking the beam. Laser features ambidextrous activation. DMT Aligner Pro Kit The Aligner Pro Kit features three 4-inch diamond-sharpening stones, a diamond serrated knife sharpening attachment and a secure stone holder in a molded carrying case. Diamond whetstones feature micronized single crystal diamonds and come in three different grits. The wide stones enable the sharpening of any length blade. The serrated attachment allows sharpening of notched and curved blades. The blade guide allows sharpening at seven angles to match a variety of bevels. LaserMax 1605 Commerce Way Paso Robles, CA 93446 1-800-527-3703 SI DIGITAL Diamond Machining Technology 1-800-666-4DMT SI DIGITAL Hot Link Hot Link 46 SEPTEMBER 2012 Subscribe to SI DIGITAL

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