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Shooting Industry September Digital Edition - Page 34

Zest For High-Tech EOTech’s new HHS kits combine the EXPS holographic weapon sight and the extended range versatility of the new G33 magnifier. Gadget-Hungry Consumers Are Looking For Laser Sights, Bio Safes & Advanced Optics By Carolee Anita Boyles C onsumers love high-tech gadgets — as evidenced by the booming sales of smartphones, Apple products, e-read ers and more — and shooters and hunters are no exception, scooping up high-tech accessories as fast as they reach the shelves. “We’re struggling to meet the demand for our high-tech products,” said Iain Harrison, media relations manager at Crimson Trace. “Our biggest sellers are laser sights that fit compact concealed carry firearms such as the Smith & Wesson J-frame, the Ruger LC9 and the Ruger LCP.” Patrick Shay is director of retail development at NSSF. Before he joined NSSF in mid-June, he worked at MidwayUSA. “A lot of new, young shooters are ‘gadget guys and gals,’” he said. “They love gadgets and gizmos, such as high-end optics for long-distance shooting. Optics for 600- to 1,000-yard shooting are huge.” The zombie craze is affecting even high-tech sales, Shay said. “At Midway, we were selling an EOTech model sight XPS2,” he said. “EOTech put a plastic housing over it and what they called a ‘Biohazard’ reticle in it. Then they called it the Zombie Stopper. We couldn’t keep them in stock.” David Welch, one of the managers at GTO Guns in Ocala, Fla., said only a couple of his high-tech categories have slowed down. “We sell a lot of biometric safes, enhanced sights and laser sights, and high-end and high-tech flashlights,” he said. GTO Guns’ best-selling high-tech products are high-end optics such as EOTech and Trijicon. Welch finds that customers generally aren’t interested in night vision equipment, and they don’t David Welch, manager at GTO Guns in Ocala, Fla., holds a Core 15 rifle manufactured by GTO and fitted with a Trijicon SRS sight and a SureFire Mini Scout flashlight. 34 SEPTEMBER 2012 Subscribe to SI DIGITAL

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