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Outdoor Outdoor marketplace Ruger’s Rapid Retail Rewards Program Returns uger relaunches its popular Rapid Retail Rewards (4R) Program, which awards dealers points for selling Ruger firearms that can be redeemed for free goodies. Ruger says this program is its way of saying “thank you” to the hardworking dealers who sell its firearms. “We’re very excited to offer retail sales professionals the opportunity to earn free Ruger firearms for doing what they do best — selling rugged, reliable Ruger firearms,” said Christopher Killoy, Ruger vice president of sales and marketing. With the 4R program, Ruger hopes to continue its impressive sales numbers from the past year. The company sold more than 1.2 million firearms between the 2011 and 2012 NRA shows as part of its “1.2 Million Gun Challenge J.K. Autry R to Benefit the NRA.” This 4R Program will not only continue to boost sales numbers, but also reward dealers along the way. “The men and women working the sales counter are the reason we are able to sell our product to firearm enthusiasts all across the country. For all of their hard work and dedication to the Ruger brand, we’re saying thank you with free firearms through the 4R Program,” Killoy said. Dealers, while the program has been underway for a few months, you can still earn points through Sept. 30. Points must be redeemed by Oct. 15, 2012. To sign up for the 4R program, visit the Ruger Rapid Retail Rewards Program website at and click on “Sign-Up.” And, be sure to “like” Ruger on Facebook at Range Owner Benefits From First Shots oug Alley, owner of Shooter’s Alley near Jefferson City, Mo., was the first range owner in Missouri to host a First Shots seminar in 2007. Since then, he’s held at least one First Shots seminar a quarter. He shared his success with the program in a recent First Shots newsletter. “We usually get about 20 people at each seminar. Some have been strictly for youth, in which we use .22 rifles; in fact, we helped NSSF formulate seminars for parents and youths,” Alley said. “Our seminars for adults focus on handgun ownership and use. We have also started First Shots, Second Round programs to help First Shots graduates gain more experience and knowledge, and build social networks.” Alley has seen numerous positive results come from hosting First Shots, estimating that 80 percent of First Shots participants return to his range for classes or purchase firearms. “Holding these programs that teach the fundamentals of fire- D arms ownership and safety, and then giving people the chance to live fire under close supervision, has created wonderful public relations in the community,” Alley said. “We are now looked at as ‘the’ place to go to learn about guns and pursue that interest.” Alley also appreciated receiving the five youth model .22 rifles, courtesy of Keystone Sporting Arms, that are offered free to all ranges that hold First Shots seminars. Dealers interested in learning more about Alley’s success with First Shots seminars can contact him at For more information on hosting a seminar, visit SI DIGITAL firstshots. Hot Link Otis IDs Brushes With Color-Coded System tis Technology recently launched a color-coding system that will increase ease-of-use for dealers and customers. In addition to Otis bore brushes being roll stamped with the brush number, all brushes will now feature a color-coded core wire. Seven colors can now be found within the Otis brush line. Each color will correspond to a specific brush size. The newly featured core wire colors are brass, black, red mud, clay, moss, dirt and forest. All Otis Cleaning Systems come complete with a brush chart that lists which size barrels each brush will clean. This chart will now also list the colors that correspond to the specific brush sizes. For more information, visit 24 SEPTEMBER 2012 O Subscribe to SI DIGITAL

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