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Shooting Industry September 2011 Digital Edition - Page 40

The PakLite Field Master kit from Buck Knives includes a skinning blade, modified caping blade and a guthook. Visit List Price $499 Harness the power of the world-wide-web to bring new customers to your door. Increase Your Sales Offer Customers A Fully Stocked ONLINE STORE Now Your Website Can Offer Over 10,000 Products of your overall sales and market yourself,” Sprague said. “It’s a tried-and-true method. Advertising is just as important as your key employee.” While Sprague doesn’t run regular instore promotions, he knows making hunters aware that all their shopping needs can be met at his store will bring the customers through the door. “What I do mostly is try to let people know what we carry in print ads and on the radio, letting them know the brands we carry and what we stock,” Sprague said. “Our marketplace is not so margin rich, so you can’t do a lot of sales and discounts. As long as prices are appropriate for the marketplace, then basically you need to let customers know you have the product and have the expertise to talk to them about it.” All dealers, especially those like Sprague who don’t run their own promotions, should take advantage of special offers from top companies. To maximize the promotions, dealers can download rebate coupons and make them part of closing the DISTRIBUTOR CATALOG sale. Many dealers help their customers fill out promotional coupons at the sales counter, and the mail the necessary paperwork to manufacturers. Here are a few promotions that are attracting the attention of hunters: Customers purchasing any Bushnell Elite riflescope through Dec. 31 will receive a free raincoat. Through the end of the year, Remington is offering customers $25 cash back on the - Distributor Product & Inventory Link Promotion Advantage purchase of Model 597 rifles, and Marlin is offering $25 cash back on Model 795 auto-loading rifles (blued only). Mossberg is running a fall special, offering a counter card and coupon pad to dealers who handle the in-store promotion. Customers who purchase a Mossberg or Maverick bolt-action or Mossberg lever-action rifle through Oct. 30 will receive a free pair of binoculars and a soft camo gun case. Weaver is offering a free BlackTimber hunting pack to customers who purchase any Weaver Super Slam or Grand Slam riflescope or binoculars through Dec. 31. Consumers purchasing a new Browning X-Bolt through Dec. 31 will receive a free special edition X-Bolt Soft Shell Jacket. These are few of the many promotions available through the remainder of the year that can help dealers increase sales with their hunting customers. For an up-to-date listing of consumer promotions, see page 23. Website links are provided so dealers can quickly access promotional information and coupons. This listing is updated weekly on With more consumers applying for hunting licenses, it’s vital for dealers to take advantage of the welcome momentum in the hunting market. Be prepared — the next customer who walks into your store might be a seasoned hunter looking to upgrade his hunting gear, or a first-time hunter who needs your help in taking to the field. 9 Be Prepared 40 SEPTEMBER 2011 Call Today for a Free Consultation and Online Demo Toll Free: 1-800-699-0820 - One-Click-To-Ship - Custom Design & Branding “ Advertising is just as important as your key employee. Subscribe to SI DIGITAL ”

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