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Shooting Industry October 2012 - Page 8

Industrynews Firearm Sales Set Blistering Pace By Russ Thurman he blistering pace of firearms sales continues, with consumers converging on gun dealers in record-setting numbers, defying the traditional summer sales slump. In August, NICS reports it conducted 1,042,924 (NSSF-adjusted) background checks, a jump of 27.8 percent over August 2011. This is the 27th straight month of increases. The industry has enjoyed record firearms sales throughout the summer. Compared with the same months in 2011, there was a 20.6-percent increase in NICS background checks (NSSF-adjusted) in May, 24.5 percent in June and 25.5 percent in July. In July, Miles Hall, founder and president of H&H Shooting Sports Complex in Oklahoma City, Okla., reported dealers in the P-20 Group have seen significant sales increases. “Some stores were up 300 percent, 115 percent and 107 percent. Others increased 35 to 77 percent. It seems consumers are concerned about a mix of issues — talk of new gun laws and personal fear — with fear being the driving force,” Hall said. In late August, Ruger announced it is on pace to beat its own record of manufacturing 1,114,700 firearms in one year, a mark set in 2011. “It took us nearly all of 2011 to build one-million firearms, but Grip On Safety — pg. 22 T Some stores were up 300 percent, 115 percent and 107 percent. Miles Hall, H&H Shooting Sports Complex in 2012, we accomplished it on August 15. We continue to invest in and improve our manufacturing processes to help us respond to the strong demand for Ruger firearms,” said Mike Fifer, Ruger president and CEO. Earlier, Ruger reported its sales for the first half of 2012 increased 50 percent over the first six months of 2011. For the second quarter of 2012, Ruger reported sales of $119.6 million, compared to sales of $79.6 million in the same quarter of 2011. Smith & Wesson reports sales of $136 million for the first quarter of fiscal 2013, an increase of 48.3 percent over the same period in fiscal 2012. “Strong sales growth was fueled by orders for our most popular products. Our newest M&P pistol, the Shield, continues to be highly favored and sought after by consumers,” said James Debney, S&W Holding Corp. president and CEO. NSSF Files Motion To Dismiss Lawsuit SSF filed a motion in late August to dismiss a second lawsuit brought by the anti-hunting Center for Biological Diversity (CBD) and six other groups. The lawsuit demands the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) ban commonly used traditional ammunition containing lead components. The suit is before the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia. The EPA has twice denied attempts by CBD to have the agency ban traditional ammunition, noting that the agency does not have the authority to regulate traditional ammunition under the N Toxic Substances Control Act. The Court has already dismissed an earlier case brought by CBD seeking the same relief. “Banning traditional ammunition would cost tens of thousands of jobs in America and destroy wildlife conservation that is funded in part by an 11-percent excise tax on the sale of ammunition,” said Lawrence G. Keane, NSSF senior vice president and general counsel. To learn more about traditional ammunition, visit www.nssf. org/factsheets. BLACKHAWK! Opens New Facility B LACKHAWK! hosted a grand-opening celebration and ribbon-cutting ceremony on Aug. 21 for the company’s new facility in Manhattan, Mont. Governor Brian Schweitzer and BLACKHAWK! President Anthony Acitelli attended the event. “The direct impact BLACKHAWK! has had on the community of Manhattan and surrounding areas is tremendous,” Schweitzer said. “The original economic impact calculated for this project exceeded $120 million over a five-year period. Their economic impact on the job sector is significant in that their construction and ongoing operations help to support over 250 jobs in the economy.” The new facility has over 80,000 feet of workspace and cutting-edge manufacturing equipment, and will preserve more than 100 jobs within the area. Approximately 60 new positions will be added within the primary manufacturing workforce. “Montana has been a great place for us to call home,” Acitelli said. “We’re very excited to open a brand new facility in Manhattan and certainly appreciate all the support we’ve received to help us get here today. The larger, more advanced facility will allow us to take on more business, hire more people and continue to grow.” For more information, visit or call 1-800-694-5263. We urge you to vote next month for the candidates who most support your businesses and gun rights. Visit 8 OCTOBER 2012 Step To The Voting Booth Subscribe to SI DIGITAL

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