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Arms and the woman Beyond The Bullseye rom ammo to targets, zombies are the new shooting trend. Boring bullseye targets are now for the stuffy crowd. Dealers who want to reach a younger, more fun-minded audience need to stock eye-catching targets like the VisiColor Zombie Targets from Champion Traps & Targets. Not only do these targets sport hideously delightful zombies, but the VisiColor technology means that when a shooter hits the head of the zombie, the paper turns a radiation green color. Hit the body and you get fluorescent yellow. Miss or hit a hostage, and the paper turns white. F TOO GOOD TO MISS Make plans now to get the edge on your competition and invest in your future by attending the 2013 SHOT Show . ® REGISTER NOW. There is only one place the world’s rearms and ammunition industry meets and that is the 2013 SHOT Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. The SHOT Show is the world’s premier exposition of combined rearms, ammunition, law enforcement, cutlery, outdoor apparel, optics and outdoor-related products and services. This is one show that is just too good to miss. The SHOT Show attracts key buyers from the United States and more than 100 countries. Need more reasons? Think about this: • Over 1,600 leading companies showcasing their products. Free Law Enforcement Education Programs. Visit An expanded learning experience with SHOT Show University 2013. scan here to get to our website fast Spice up your target offerings with bug-centric targets from Champion Traps & Targets (left) and game-inspired targets from Birchwood Casey. If zombies don’t appeal to your customers who are looking for some bragging rights, Champion also has a line of insect targets where shooters can literally shoot the wings off a fly. These bug-centric targets are a lot of fun for kids and provide challenging shooting practice. Visit Birchwood Casey has targets that are perfect for a family night at the range. The Dirty Bird Game Targets offer a way to change up regular target shooting by featuring game play that mimics golf, darts, Battleship and even an old West-style saloon shootout. Shooters know they’ve scored because the targets instantly turn white around a hit. Birchwood Casey also has jumped into the creature craze with their line of Darkotic targets, which feature a variety of human and animal zombies. They are available in plain paper and “splattering” targets. Visit Remember, with Halloween right around the corner, zombie-themed targets are perfect for a spooky shoot. 9 • • JANUARY 15-18, 2013 SANDS EXPO & CONVENTION CENTER LAS VEGAS, NEVADA WWW.SHOTSHOW.ORG OCTOBER 2012 31

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