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Shooting Industry January 2013 - Page 99

The Robar Companies (623) 581-2648 robar-companies-inc T he Uni-Pro Sight Tool is manufactured from the highest quality tool steels, and protected with Mil-Spec powder coating. The heat-treated sight pusher assembly features a fine thread, making firm clamping of the sight stable and secure. Permanently attached synthetic pads help prevent marring of the firearm’s surfaces. The Uni-Pro features extra-long tightening for extra torque. The Uni-Tool works on the front and rear sights of the majority of semiautos and revolvers. Manufactured by Kaiser Shooting Products and distributed by The Robar Companies Inc. Uni-Pro Sight Tool Bet you didn’t know that steel case ammo could be this good. • Ultra Reliable • Highly Accurate • Shoots Clean • Most Affordable ™ Caliber/Gauge .223 Rem. .308 Win. 7.62x39 7.62x54R 9mm Luger 9x18 Makarov .410 Bore Brown Bear—steel case coated with a proprietary lacquer. ™ Caliber/Gauge .223 Rem. .308 Win. 7.62x39 7.62x54R 5.45x39 9mm Luger 9x18 Makarov .380 ACP .410 Bore 12 ga. Silver Bear—steel case coated with a zinc plating. ™ Caliber/Gauge .223 Rem. 7.62x39 30-06 Spgfld. 9mm Luger .410 Bore Golden Bear—steel case coated with a brass emulsion. Exclusively distributed in the U.S. by DKG Trading, Inc., Evansville, IL Bear-SHOTBus-Ad.indd 1 Se et Don’t miss the introduction of Lansky’s Vis Bo SHO 7/13/12 it T o he NE t h SHO W 11 W 20 9 13 1 Pr 9 od uc ts! 1:08 PM New Products for 2013!! FIREClean (240) 347-3253 Lansky’s T.A.S.K. Tactical Apocalypse Survival Kit 4 Brand New Items Exciting new designs destined to be top sellers IREClean Advanced Gun Oil is non-toxic and odorless. It melts carbon while providing long-lasting lubrication. Designed to withstand the highest possible temperatures, FIREClean also conditions metal to resist carbon fouling. FIREClean has such an affinity for metal that it can’t be wiped off. F 6 Amazing Redesigns An entire line redesigned and now made in the USA 2 Combo Packs New combos featuring top sellers plus new 2013 products Plus other new products, show specials and more! Advanced Gun Oil FREE catalog: Lansky Sharpeners P . O. Box 800, Dept. SHI Buffalo, NY 14231 USA • PHONE: 716-877-7511 NEW BUSINESS YEAR EXTRA 2013 • 99

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