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Shooting Industry January 2013 - Page 93

New EXTRA! Products ΜΟΛΟΝ ΛΑΒΕ “Come and take them!” Versatile Gun Rack (323) 588-0137 versatile-gun-rack T he Portable Rifle & Shotgun Rack allows convenient storage of up to four shotguns or scoped rifles, both in and out of soft gun cases. The Rack is made of heavy gauge formed steel wire, and is powder and plastic coated to protect firearms’ finishes. It collapses for easy storage, is designed for indoor and outdoor use, and is made in the USA. Portable Rifle & Shotgun Rack DSA Inc. your source for quality U.S. made AR type rifles and accessories. We make the real deal, not imported air soft parts. 2013 P A3 UP ER RE CEIVE R ZM-4 UPPE rided R - Nit Barrel and B ore Break Free 1-800-347-1200 Z ID-L M-4 M ENGTH UPPE rided R - Nit Barrel and Bo re ZM-4 R LOWE R E RECEIV M4 TA CTICA L STO CK afariland releases Break Free Precise Lube, a lubricant for chain-driven equipment in a precision applicator for targeted, hard-to-reach areas. The lube is formulated to increase the performance of any mechanism that turns, pivots, pulls, screws, rotates, slides or coils on bicycles, motorcycles or any chain-driven equipment. Its formulation consists of extreme pressureresistant synthetic oils, plus anti-wear inhibitors, which provide a well-lubricated slick metal treatment for prolonged use. The lube resists build-up of dust, dirt, sand and grit while withstanding high ambient temperature and Precise Lube pressures. S ZM-4 Rifles P.O. Box 370, Barrington, IL 60011 Tel: 847-277-7258, Fax: 847-277-7259 Email: Website: Moultrie Products 1-800-653-3334 oultrie Products introduces their first panoramic game camera, the Panoramic 150, which uses three infrared motion sensors to cover a 150-degree detection area. The 8-megapixel camera’s Silent-Slide lens rotates to take photos or videos in the zone where motion is detected. The IllumiNight sensor features a low-glow infrared flash that reaches up to 100 feet at night. Motion Freeze reduces nighttime blur. The Panoramic 150 also features time-lapse and multi-shot modes, and captures up to 9,000 images on an SD card. M Panoramic 150 93 NEW BUSINESS YEAR EXTRA 2013 •

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