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Shooting Industry January 2013 - Page 82

New EXTRA! Products The 12-gauge turkey version of the M3500 Realtree APG shotgun features a pistol grip, 24-inch barrel, 4+1 magazine capacity, red bar sights, a full set of chokes and a 14 3/8-inch length of pull. Also available is a 12-gauge tactical/home defense M3500 with black synthetic pistol grip, 18 1/2-inch barrel, a fixed C choke and blade front sights. The 12-gauge Longfowler side-by-side and 12-gauge Longfowler over-and-under shotguns feature 30-inch barrels, a single trigger, IC and M chokes, a brass bead sight and a 14 1/2-inch length of pull. Stoeger 1-800-264-4962 toeger introduces a 12-gauge tactical/home defense version of their M3000 shotgun, featuring a black synthetic pistol grip and an 18 1/2-inch barrel. It has a magazine capacity of 4+1, a fixed C choke, blade front sights and a 14 3/8-inch length of pull. Also available is a 12-gauge Realtree APG M3000 with pistol grip, 24-inch barrel, IC, M and XFT chokes, and red bar sights. S 2013 AUSTRALIAN OUTBACK E X T R E M E P E R F O R M A N C E - W H AT E V E R T H E W E AT H E R Bianchi International (909) 923-7300 T CO N MI G O SO N he Bianchi Model 100T Professional Tuckable inside-the-waistband holster features a C-clip that wraps around the belt for minimal visibility and enables the holster to be worn with a tucked-in shirt. The C-clip’s three-way adjustability feature ensures a proper firing grip, regardless of where the holster is positioned on the waist. Additional features include a suede-lined exterior to provide a nonslip material next to the body, and a high-cut rear so it rides comfortably against the torso. Constructed of highgrade, full-grain leather in a plain-tan finish, the Model 100T fits a variety of semiautomatics, including Glocks, Rugers and Smith & Wesson models, and is available for 1 1/2-inch belt widths. Featuring BTI (Ballistic Temperature Independence) technology. Assuring consistent extreme high velocity and ultra-reliability across extreme temperature ranges w w outbackammo .223 Rem., 55gr., Sierra BlitzKing .223 Rem., 69gr., Sierra HPBT MatchKing .308 Win., 165gr., Sierra SBT GameKing .308 Win., 168gr., Sierra HPBT MatchKing .308 Win., 150gr., Swift Scirocco II BTS IMPORTED BY DKG TRADING INC 82 We’re Calling You Out! page 110 Subscribe to SI DIGITAL • NEW BUSINESS YEAR EXTRA 2013

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