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Shooting Industry January 2013 - Page 14

Industry news Hits $2 Billion In Sales announces it reached $2 billion in cumulative merchandise sales on Nov. 10, 2012. The site reached $1 billion in sales 10 years after its launch, and achieved $2 billion in sales less than three years later. “Doubling sales in less than three years to reach the $2 billion mark is an incredible accomplishment and one we are extremely proud of. We have made significant enhancements to the site over the past couple of years that are proving to be a catalyst for continued success,” said Steve Urvan, CEO. G reports the site ranks as the 646th largest U.S. website according to Quantcast (Nov. 10, 2012), and the third largest “Shopping and Classifieds — Auctions” site, behind eBay and eBay Motors, on Hitwise’s rankings. For more information, visit DoubleTap Selects New Manufacturer oubleTap Defense LLC announced in early November that it has chosen Florida-based Azimuth Technology LLC to manufacture the DoubleTap pistol. In October, Raymond B. Kohout, the pistol’s inventor and founder of DoubleTap Defense, announced, “We have terminated our relationship with Heizer Defense, our manufacturing partner, due to their inability to manufacture the DoubleTap pistol.” The DoubleTap has received a lot of attention since its introduction in November 2011. However, the ongoing delayed delivery of the DoubleTap led to numerous complaints. “When we announced that DoubleTap was looking for a new manufacturing partner, we were pleasantly surprised by the positive response from the firearms manufacturers and other precision manufacturing companies,” Kohout said. “Out of all the responses we received, it became very clear that Azimuth Technology was the perfect fit in corporate philosophy, facility capability and plain, old-fashioned, rollup-your-sleeves determination to bring this product to market in a timely fashion.” Kohout has not announced a delivery date for the pistol. For more information, visit D DoubleTap Defense DoubleTap 14 Subscribe to SI DIGITAL • NEW BUSINESS YEAR EXTRA 2013

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