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Shooting Industry January 2013 - Page 109

CALL 1(800)SA2-1911 “the MAG GUIDE people”™ when only the BEST will do! ORDER DIRECT and SAVE! Safariland $36.95 $95.95 1-800-347-1200 Mainspring Housing Full Para Mag Guide (For P14/P16 only) Available in: Flat/Arched-SS/BL 20 LPI AL AL T he Model 22 Wallet Profile Holster is designed to give the impression of a wallet. The holster features a sewn, bottom-hinge design that allows the backing to swing away from the holster, allowing for a sure grip on the firearm. The stay-open design includes a firm, moisture-proof membrane layer to prevent perspiration from penetrating the holster. The suede leather grips clothing for less movement. The Model 22 accommodates small semiautos and revolvers. Model 22 Available in: Gov’t Model, Officers’ Model, all Para-Ordnance. 20 LPI Flat/Arched-SS/BL (P10/P12 flat only) (flat smooth available for all of the above) $36.95 “E-Z Fit Hi Grip”® Safety .250 radius-Series 70 & 80 .220 radius S70 for Springfields “PalmSwel”/Standard (jig available) $78.95 Government Model/ Officers’ Model Mag Guide Available: Flat/Arched SS/BL 20 LPI NEW: Flat now available in Smooth Also Available: Grizzly Flat-SS/BL $89.95 AL Prices starting at $17.50 S & A Custom 1911 Grips Exotic Woods & Micarta Standard & Slim Line DD, FC & Smooth available in Aluminum Color Catalog Available Same Day Shipping Appropriate shipping charges Dealers Welcome 100% Customer Satisfaction L A NEW–Slim Line Mag Guides & Grips w/screws & bushings available with Lanyard Loop add $10 P.O. Box 299 • Copeville, Texas USA 75121 (800) SA2-1911 • Fax (972) 853-0526 Hours: M-F, 9am-5pm CST We’re Calling You Out! page 110 Join FMG in Cody, Wyo., for the 11th Annual Shooting Industry Masters Showdown! Mil-Spec Rail System Comes Full Circle Nautilus FEATURES & CONSTRUCTION • Eight individual 1913 Picatinny rails that rotate in 45-degree increments • Each section can be rotated 360 degrees in either direction • Maintains zero when rotated • Designed to perform in the worst conditions – including exposure to water, sand & mud • Fits any standard AR platform carbine rifle with 7-inch length rail ROTATING RAIL Ballista rotating forward rail technology positions up to eight accessories where you want them—and allows split-second repositioning without removal and without affecting point of impact. The fore and aft rail sections each rotate independently 360-degrees and lock into position with easy-access ambidextrous push-button technology. Increase your AR’s versatility, capability and engagement speed with Ballista. MADE IN THE USA NEW BUSINESS YEAR EXTRA 2013 • 109

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