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Shooting Industry January 2013 - Page 102

Firearms Business Insurance 7HOLESALERS$ISTRIBUTORSs2ETAIL3ALESs-ANUFACTURERS)MPORTERS !MMUNITION"ULLET-ANUFACTURERSs)NDOOR/UTDOOR2ANGES 4RAP3KEET3PORTING#LAY&IELDSs'UNSMITHSs&IREARMS)NSTRUCTORS New EXTRA! Products 0ROVIDING1UALITY)NSURANCE0RODUCTSTO THE&IREARMS)NDUSTRYFOR/VER9EARS #OVERAGE!VAILABLEIN!LL3TATES Visit us at the 2013 SHOT Show Booth # 2628 Endorsed By INFO JCINSCOCOMsWWWGUNINSURANCECOMs 888-744-4880 2013 Benelli 1-800-264-4962 benelli-usa B enelli introduces a lefthand 20-gauge version of the M2 semiauto shotgun with a magazine capacity of 3+1, a red bar front sight and a full set of Crio chokes. Length of pull is 14 3/8 inches; overall length is 47.3 inches. Also new is a 20-gauge, 24-inch ComforTech short stock version of the M2, and a 12-gauge, 26-inch ComforTech short stock version of the M2, both with a 13 1/8-inch length of pull. The 12-gauge Montefeltro is now available with a 26-inch synthetic stock with a 4+1 magazine capacity, full set of Crio chokes, red bar front sight and a 14 3/8-inch length of pull. Montefeltro Synthetic OutWest Systems (855) 697-6228 “Standing flat-footed during a sunny afternoon on the square range won’t sell you on XS® Sights. Move your feet, shoot on your back, negotiate a shoot house—then you’ll appreciate the value of the 24/7 Big Dot sight.” - Paul Markel, T he OCAT System from OutWest Systems helps shooters identify mistakes by tracking the location, order and timing of their shots. The firing-pinactivated laser shows and tracks hits on a computer view of the target just as if the shooter fired live ammunition. OCAT System We’re Calling You Out! page 110 Join FMG in Cody, Wyo., for the 11th Annual Shooting Industry Masters Showdown! 102 Subscribe to SI DIGITAL • NEW BUSINESS YEAR EXTRA 2013

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