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Shooting Industry February 2013 - Page 32

Recruiting Turkey Hunters Year-Round For Jay Wallace, Turkey Season Is An Extension Of Deer Hunting unting customers are gearing up for turkey season, and dealers are fine-tuning their inventories and promotions as they cater to this part of the market. Jay Wallace, owner of Adventure Outdoors in Smyrna, Ga., knows that turkey hunting isn’t his most profitable hunting segment, but he’s developed techniques to maximize his sales and boost profit margins. “Turkey hunting is not our largest season, but it is definitely a season we focus on and we advertise to,” Wallace said. “What we do to increase its popularity is put out prominent displays to promote turkey hunting. We leave products out all year long. We put out literature in the store to remind customers about when to purchase the products and to get ready.” Wallace’s major effort to attract new customers to turkey hunting is focused on his customers who already hunt, but who have not tried the challenge of taking gobblers. This customer base is the most likely to make turkey-related firearm and accessory purchases, Wallace says. “We have a lot of people in the store already, and we want to convert them to turkey customers,” Wallace said. “It’s a lot easier 32 FEBRUARY 2013 H By J.K. Autry to take a deer hunter and turn him into a turkey hunter than to take a first-time hunter and get him involved.” To increase his turkey-hunting recruiting efforts, Wallace has TV displays throughout the store, with videos of turkey hunts constantly showing. His goal is to catch his customers’ attention as they browse. Once done, his staff is ready to answer questions and demonstrate turkey-specific products. One of the major selling points he emphasizes is turkey season affords customers another opportunity to get their outdoor and hunting fix. “One of the things our customers here in Georgia like about deer hunting is it gets them out in the woods. So we explain to customers that turkey season is just an extension of their deer hunt,” Wallace said. Once customers are interested in turkey hunting, Wallace’s first step is to help them select the proper shotgun. He likes the Equipping Customers Subscribe to SI DIGITAL NWTF Turkey hunters are already in your store — they’re deer, bird and small-game hunters who are waiting for you to introduce them to this added season.

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