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Shooting Industry December 2010 - Page 88

MANUFACTURERS u u (Check all that your company makes or assembles) u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u AMMUNITION AN AR HOLSTERS, BELTS, FANNY PACKS JB JC JF JH Ammunition (New) Ammunition (Remanufactured) Archery Equipment, Acc. Clothing Footwear/Boots Air and CO2 Guns, Acc. Black Powder Guns, Acc. Handguns Non-Firing Model Guns Paintball Guns, Accessories Rifles Shotguns Blueing, Plating Supplies Cleaning Equipment Custom Engravers Engraving Tools Gunsmiths, Gunmakers Lubricants Refinishing Services (Com) Refinishing Supplies Supplies/Tools Gunsmithing (Misc.) Camp Supplies: Lanterns, Stoves, Tents, etc. Compasses, GPS, Direction Finding Equip. Decoys (Varmint, Waterfowl) Flashlights/Lanterns Game Calls Scents and Lures Tree Stands, Blinds, Feeders u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u ARCHERY BX Belts Buckles Hip/Fanny Packs Holsters Knives, Axes, Swords, Sharpeners Law Enforcement Archery Sighting Equipment Binoculars/Spotting Scopes Gun Scopes Holographic Sights Laser Sights Metallic Sights Night Vision Equipment Red Dot Scopes Scope Mounts Barrel Makers Custom Gun Parts Handgun Grips Inserts (Barrel Conversion Units) Magazines & Clips New Replacement Gun Parts Recoil Devices, Chokes Slings, Swivels Stocks & Blanks (Long Guns) Bullet Casting/Swaging Equip. Components Propellants Reloading Presses & Hand Tools u u u u u u u u u u u u u u RX Reloading Accessories Alarms Body Armor Chemical Sprays Stun Guns Bench Rests & Portable Rests Chronographs, Electronic,Timers Gun Cases Ear Protection: Sound Suppressors Eye Protection: Glasses Gun Locks Racks, Cabinets or Safes Speedloaders Targets, Bullet Traps, Range Equipment SELF-DEFENSE DEVICES SA SB SC SS INDUSTRY DIRECTORY 88 CLOTHING & FOOTWEAR CC CF KNIVES and other CUTLERY KA LAW ENFORCEMENT LE SHOOTING ACCESSORIES XB XC XD XE XG XL XR XS XT FIREARMS/GUNS FA FB FH FN FP FR FS OPTICS & SIGHTS OA OB OG OH OL OM ON OR OS GUN CARE/GUNSMITHING GB GC GD GE GG GL GR GS GX INFORMATION/EDUCATION Books, videos, schools, computer products u YA Associations, Industry Groups u YB Books u YC Computer Software (industry related) u YM Periodicals (magazines) u YS Schools & Home Study u YV Videos of Shooting Sport/Hunting PARTS for guns PB PC PG PI PM PN PR PV PW HUNTING ACCESSORIES HC HD HE HF HG HS HT RELOADING RA RC RP RT u ZZ Miscellaneous (please specify): ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ MISCELLANEOUS FULL-LINE DISTRIBUTORS u u u u u u 1 2 3 4 5 6 (Check all that apply) u Signed copy of FFL u Photo of dealer’s storefront u Copy of state sales tax permit u Copy of state business license u Copy of city business license u Copy of Yellow Pages listing u Other (please specify): ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ u MasterCard or Visa u C.O.D. via parcel service u Personal Check u Business Check u Open Account (with approved credit) u 2% 10 days net 30 days (with approval) u Other (please specify): ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ Handguns Rifles Shotguns Airguns Black Powder/Muzzleloaders Paintball Requirements for doing business u If distribution company has a different name, please specify. ________________________________________________ Distribution Name u A Ammunition u B Archery u C Clothing & Footwear u G Gunsmithing Equipment/Services u H Hunting Accessories u J Holsters, Belts, Fanny Packs u K Knives and other cutlery u O Optical & Sighting u P Parts for guns u R Reloading equipment and components u S Self-defense (alarms, sprays, stun guns) u X Shooting Accessories u Y Publications, videos, computer products u Z Other (please specify) ___________________________________________________ u Co-op programs. Please explain. ________________________________________________ u Dollar minimums _______________________________ u Surcharges ____________________________________ u Return Policy __________________________________ u Overnight Delivery _______________________________ u Yellow Pages u Direct mail: letters, circulars, etc. u Shotgun News u Gun List u Media related to Trade Shows u Space in Industry Trade Magazines. u Other (please specify): ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ Forms of payment and terms Advertising Programs CORRECTIONS NEEDED? If so, mail or fax us a copy of this page, with the updated information carefully filled out and we’ll include it in our next printing of the guide. SHOOTING INDUSTRY BUYER’S GUIDE, 12345 World Trade Dr., San Diego, CA 92128 Fax: (858) 605-0247 or Fax: (858) 605-0229. Company _______________________________________ Address _________________________________________ City ________________State______ Zip________________ or u Add my company to your guide u Replace my listing with this u Remove my company listing Primary Business in the Shooting Industry: u Retailer u Manufacturer u Importer Do you offer a catalog? u Yes ¤ : ( )____________________ ¤ : (800)____________________ Fax : ( )____________________ ( ) _______________________ ( 800 )________________________ ( ) ________________________ u Full-Line Distributor u No ____________ Title Please sign below to receive or continue to receive Shooting Industry Magazine. _________________________________________ Print or Type Name E-Mail Address _______________________________________________ World Wide Web _______________________________________________ Company FFL (if any) __________________________________________ DECEMBER 2010 _________________________________________ Signature ____________ Date © Copyright 2010 NEW BUSINESS YEAR SUPER ISSUE •

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