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Shooting Industry April 2013 - Page 55

NEW PRODUCTS 2013 Chiappa Firearms innovator Chiappa has a new player on their team – the M9 pistol. The latest addition to Chiappa’s line of quality firearms, the M9 is a true and faithful reproduction of the original, chambered in .22LR. Along with its cousin the 1911-22, these two reproduction handguns are “must haves” for serious collector-shooters. SEE your local gun dealertoday! Explorer Bag PAT-3 Gunner The PAT-3 Gunner protective case holds three rifles or shotguns and features two pistol compartments. A large front pocket holds accessories and additional pouches carry up to nine magazines. The PAT-3 Gunner also includes a 7-inch cushioned shooting mat. The padded backpack strap is removable. Case is made of rigid closed cell foam and features high-density webbing with 12 rivets for reinforcement. Available in black, tan, green, ACU and multicam. Explorer Bag (213) 626-1111 SI DIGITAL Hot Link Founder Khyber Interactive Associates Accredited nationwide training workshop led by Wes Doss, 21 years U.S. Army and 19 years LE experience. Doss and his Khyber team have been training elite law enforcement and military personnel since 1992. Wes Doss, For class info email or call 888-744-4880 • [ Seats are limited and pre-registration is required. ] Caldwell Zombie Flake Off Targets The Caldwell ZTR Zombie Flake Off Targets line features five targets: the Mad Scientist, Pure Evil, Vulture, Wolf and Hog. Targets feature Caldwell’s triple-flake technology: head shots flake off red, body shots flake off green and misses flake off white. Targets are 18x12 inches, and are available in an 8-pack of any single target, an 8-pack animal combination or a 10pack combination of all five targets. The Firearms International Self Defense, Special-Ops & Tactical Association For Military, Law Enforcement, MMA, Gun Related Businesses and Enthusiasts Caldwell 1-877-509-9160 SI DIGITAL Hot Link APRIL 2013 55

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