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Shooting Industry April 2013 - Page 52

2013 NEW PRODUCTS Benelli M2, Left-Hand Benelli introduces a left-hand 20-gauge version of the M2 semiauto shotgun with a magazine capacity of 3+1, a red bar front sight and a full set of Crio chokes. Length of pull is 14 3/8 inches; overall length is 47.3 inches. Also new is a 20-gauge, 24-inch ComforTech short stock version of the M2, and a 12-gauge, 26-inch ComforTech short stock version of the M2, both with a 13 1/8inch length of pull. 1-800-264-4962 SI DIGITAL Benelli USA Hot Link Winchester Ammunition Razorback XT The Winchester Razorback XT line adds .44 Rem. Mag. and 12 gauge offerings for 2013. The 225-grain .44 Rem. Mag. Razorback XT cartridge includes an engineered hollowpoint for delayed expansion with a six-position beveled profile. The 12-gauge Razorback XT buckshot load features eight buffered 00 pellets. The Razorback XT segmenting rifled slug is designed to segment into three equal pieces upon impact. It also features a wad stabilizer for accuracy up to 125 yards. Classic PPK/S .22 The PPK/S .22 LR is a double-action .22-caliber replica of the pistol made famous by well-known British secret agent James Bond. Available in two versions: matte black and silver. The pistol is just over 6 inches long and weighs 23 ounces. The single-stack .22 has a 10-round capacity with the magazine release located in front of the grip. Other features include an interchangeable sight, 13-pound trigger pull and manually operated safety. Walther Arms Walther Arms Winchester Ammunition (618) 258-2000 winchester-ammunition SI DIGITAL (479) 242-8500 SI DIGITAL Hot Link Hot Link New from North American Arms, Inc. ® The NAA Sidewinder! LR conversion cylinder assembly shown with star extractor North American Arms is pleased to announce the “Sidewinder” mini-revolver. This important new product features a “swing-out” style cylinder assembly similar to most other modern revolvers. This allows easier loading and unloading. This revolver is offered in standard .22 Magnum with an optional .22LR conversion cylinder assembly. North American Arms • 2150 S. 950 E. • Provo, UT 84606-6285 • 1.800.821.5783 • Model Number: MSRP Convenient. Specifications: Weight: 6.7 oz. NAA-SW $349 Reliable. Length: 5” • Height: 2 7/8” NAA-SWC $389 Effective! Width: 1 1/16” • Barrel Length: 1 1/2” 52 APRIL 2013 Subscribe to SI DIGITAL

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