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Shooting Industry April 2013 - Page 48

NEW PRODUCTS The TCM Series delivers blazing performance by using a .22 caliber bullet that travels at over 2,000 fps. This original Armscor cartridge allows for excellent muzzle energy and light recoil, not to mention the TCM also comes with a 9mm barrel for added flexibility. DeSantis Didn’t Invent Concealment, We Just Perfected It! $ 3999 Style 070 MSRP THE INTIMIDATOR ® REDUX • • • • Combat grip Trigger guard detent Forward cant/Zero cant/Cross draw Highly detail molded hybrid 800-GUNHIDE 631-841-6300 Dept #SI43 431 Bayview Avenue, Amityville, NY 11701 48 APRIL 2013 Subscribe to SI DIGITAL 2013 Barnes Bullets TAC-XPD The TAC-XPD line of Personal Defense Ammunition is loaded with Barnes TAC-XP bullets, and features all-copper construction and a large, deep hollowpoint cavity. Bullets retain nearly 100 percent of their original weight and track straight. Specially engineered loads produce almost no muzzle flash. Techni-Crom-plated shells feed smoothly. Available in .380 Auto, 80-grain TAC-XP; 9mm Luger, 115-grain TAC-XP +P; .40 S&W, 140-grain TAC-XP and .45 Auto, 185-grain TAC-XP +P. Barnes Bullets (435) 856-1000 SI DIGITAL Hot Link Security Equipment Corp. SABRE Practice Sprays Security Equipment Corp. introduces its line of SABRE Practice Sprays to better prepare individuals to use their pepper spray effectively in a high-stress situation. SABRE Practice Sprays provide an opportunity for individuals to obtain critical muscle memory, allowing them to perform effectively under stress. Users will become familiar with how to grip the canister properly, how to operate the safety device and how to use the proper spray technique. Security Equipment Corp. 1-800-325-9568 security-equipment-corp SI DIGITAL Hot Link

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