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Industr Industrynews By Russ Thurman Ruger Rewards Program Returns — pg. 24 Americans’ Gun Attitudes Vary Little After Shooting T here is a vast difference between what the average American considers important as it relates to gun ownership, and the beliefs of some legislators and anti-gun groups who are calling for more restrictions following the July shooting in Colorado. Despite the call for more gun laws and restrictions, the attitudes of Americans concerning gun rights and gun control changed little following the July 20 shooting, according to the Pew Research Center. In a national survey conducted July 26-29, Pew reports that 46 percent of the 1,011 adults questioned said it is more important to protect the rights of Americans to own guns, while 47 percent said it is more important to control gun ownership. In April, a survey by the center showed 48 percent favored gun rights, while 45 percent favored gun control. The results of the survey are similar to those following other major shootings. The Pew Research Center says relatively few Americans view the shooting in Colorado as a sign of broader social problems. “Two-thirds (67%) say that shootings like this one are just the isolated acts of troubled individuals. Only about a quarter (24%) say shootings like this reflect broader problems in American society,” Pew reports. Two-thirds say that shootings like this one are just the isolated acts of troubled individuals. The research center notes that public opinion about gun control and gun rights has been divided since early 2009. “Prior to that, going back to the first Pew Research Center polling on this issue in 1993, majorities consistently rated controlling gun ownership as a higher priority than protecting the rights of Americans to own guns,” Pew reports. Not surprising, Pew says the issue remains a highly partisan one. “Republicans prioritize gun rights by a 71-percent to 26-percent margin, while Democrats prioritize gun control by a 72-percent to 21-percent margin. Independents are split, with 50 percent saying the priority should be protecting the rights of Americans to own guns, while 43 percent say it should be controlling gun ownership,” Pew reports. The issue also continues to divide along racial and gender lines. “Whites tend to see the protection of gun rights as the higher priority (a 56% to 38% margin), while blacks overwhelmingly back gun control (a 73% to 23% margin). Men prioritize gun rights (57% to 38%), while women prioritize gun control (56% to 37%),” Pew reports. To view the full report, visit and search “gun rights.” Ruger Reports 50-Percent Increase In Sales R uger sales during the first half of 2012 increased 50 percent. The company reports that for the second quarter of 2012, it posted sales of $119.6 million, compared to sales of $79.6 million in the second quarter of 2011. For the six-month period ending on June 30, Ruger reports net sales of $231.9 million, compared to $155.1 million for the first half of 2011. “Our earnings increased 63 percent from the second quarter of 2011, driven by the 50-percent growth in sales and our ongoing focus on continuous improvement in our operations,” said Mike Fifer, Ruger CEO. “New product introductions were a significant component of our sales growth as new product sales represented $87.8 million, or 38 percent of sales, in the first half of 2012.” Fifer says cash generated from operations during the six months ending June 30 was $37.5 million. “At June 30, our cash, cash equivalents and short-term investments totaled $96 million, an increase of $14.9 million from December 2011. Our current ratio is 3.3 to 1 and we have no debt,” Fifer said. In the first half of 2012, Ruger returned $10.3 million to its shareholders through the payment of dividends. An additional $7.2 million in dividends was scheduled to be paid to shareholders on Aug. 27. For more information, visit Thank You USA Shooting For Flying Our Flag At The Olympics! To The Entire 20-Member Team: You Made Us Proud! Gold Medal Women’s Skeet 99/100 • New Olympic Record 8 SEPTEMBER 2012 Proud Sponsors of USA Shooting Kim Rhode Gold Medal Men’s Skeet 148/150 • New Olympic Record Vincent Hancock Gold Medal Women’s 50m Rifle 3-Position 691.9/700 • New Olympic Record Jamie Gray Bronze Medal Men’s 50m Rifle 3-Position 1285.5/1300 Matt Emmons Subscribe to SI DIGITAL

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