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Shooting Industry September 2011 Digital Edition - Page 54

Industry Industry watch Enticing Manufacturers To Relocate Russ Thurman T he campaigns of numerous states to entice manufacturers to relocate their operations to more “gun friendly” environments caught the attention of The New York Times. In “States Pitch a Lifestyle to Lure Gun Makers From Their Longtime Homes,” published Aug. 9, The Times highlights the efforts of officials in Alabama, Idaho, South Dakota, Montana and Wyoming to attract firearm and firearm-related manufacturers to their states. Many of the companies targeted by state officials are now located in the Northeast, where, in some cases, the business environment is, let’s say, less than firearm friendly. “When we approach gun makers, we first make the cultural argument. People in business want to feel their business is wanted and welcome in the communities where they are located. In South Dakota, the culture is there. We don’t regulate firearms businesses out of existence,” South Dakota Gov. Dennis Daugaard is quoted in The Times article. Visit and search: “Lure Gun Makers.” Add Kentucky to the list of states aggressively campaigning to have firearm companies relocate. “Kentucky is looking to be the next ‘Gun Valley,’” said Nick Noble, CEO of Park Mammoth Resort and Rockcastle Shooting Center, host of the 2011 Shooting Industry Masters. “We have the workforce, the land, the technology and we love shooting. And the state is offering a lot of incentives to companies looking to relocate,” Noble said. Officials from Kentucky presented their “Next Gun Valley” goal on July 21 during a reception for participants in the Shooting Industry Masters. The reception was held at the impressive National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green. To learn more about doing business in Kentucky, visit Contact Nick Noble via email: You can add a “Kentucky Welcomes Firearm Industry” sign to this view from Park Mammoth Resort, Park City, Ky., site of the 2011 Shooting Industry Masters. Industry Withstands Instability In Economy A ugust was a month of uncertainty in the marketplace, with consumers once again expressing concern and, in many cases, fear about the future. The debt-limit fiasco in early August, followed by the national credit downgrade and stock market upheaval, left consumers weary and frustrated. Fortunately, the firearm industry did not suffer significant fallout from August’s roller-coaster stock market and its impact on the economy. Yet, most in the Continued on page 53 We Remember Sept. 11, 2001 Sept. 11, 2011 Subscribe to SI Digital: It’s Free! 54 SEPTEMBER 2011 Subscribe to SI DIGITAL

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