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Shooting Industry September 2011 Digital Edition - Page 41

Story and Photos by Pat Covert KNIFE W hat do the cutlery industry and habanero peppers have in common? They’re both hot as a pearlhandled six-shooter — and if you’re selling guns, you need to be cashing in on the extremely competitive nature of today’s knife market. Common sense says that if your customer owns a firearm, you can just about bet your bottom dollar they carry a knife. The two simply go hand in hand. The trick to optimum knife sales is to know what’s popular and in demand — and what’s not. Every June, Shooting Industry travels to the world’s largest knife show — the Blade Show & International Cutlery Fair in Atlanta, Ga. — to seek out the hottest trends in cutlery. Here is the inside scoop SIZZlinG Mantis Knives continues the “runt” theme in high-tech fashion. At top is the MT-9r drop-point model, and at bottom is the Wharncliffe MT-9. SALES Slick Designs & Innovative Technology Power Market gleaned from the show about what knives are selling and why. The folding knife — particularly tactical folders — has ruled the cutlery roost for years, and continues to do so, as most of the technology and design battles are fought on this field. Design Trends Take Center Stage Spartan Knives’ Harsey Hunter — in the hand of noted knifemaker Bill Harsey, who is flanked by company founders Mark Carey and Curtis Lovito — serves sporting purposes or personal-defense duty. SEPTEMBER 2011 41

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