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Shooting Industry September 2010 - Page 53

Industry watch his year’s Academy of Excellence recipients will have the opportunity to receive additional recognition through a first-of-its-kind partnership between the Academy and the Hunting Heritage Trust. Those recipients who choose to participate will have their award-winning products featured for 30 days in a “Saluting The Best” auction on Money raised through the auction will support the Hunting Heritage Trust. “We are genuinely proud and excited Continued from page 54 E-mail the Editor T Saluting The Best Auction to be affiliated with this industry-leading program,” said Bob Delfay, president of the Hunting Heritage Trust. “We look forward to this new partnership and its potential to generate important funding for efforts to promote and defend our hunting and shooting sports heritage.” The first round of auctions of the Academy’s 2010 award-winning products is scheduled for the Hunting Heritage Trust’s “Treasures & Traditions” auction page on beginning October 4. In the 19 years of the Academy, this is the first partnership we have formed. We hope the auctions raise a significant amount of money for the Trust. Sign onto in early October to bid on these top 2010 products — and encourage your customers to do the same. H&H Gun Range Opens Doors For Citizen Forum Paul Wehrenberg H &H Gun Range in Okalahoma City is not your run-of-the-mill gun shop. It’s a shooting sports complex with a unique floor plan, comfortable café, impeccably kept range and a place where customers are called “guests.” Along with developing a different business model, founder and president Miles Hall is dedicated to involvement in the community and in ensuring the voice of gun owners is heard in government. To provide a forum for that “voice,” Hall is doing something every gun dealer should consider — he provides a meeting place for a citizen’s forum at H&H Gun Range. The “High Noon Club,” a mix of average citizens, highly regarded business people, attorneys and politicians, meets at the range every Friday. Most of the members are Republican, but all are welcome. They discuss issues important to the state, develop plans to address problems and — to ensure a perfect closing to the meeting — they spend time on the indoor range. The club has grown over the past year and has attracted the attention of the media. Channel 4, KFOR, in Oklahoma City featured the club in an April report. In the report, Brian Walters, a club member, says, “They want information and to be Members of the High Noon Club meet at H&H Gun Range. The club was featured in a Channel 4 report. SI DIGITAL VIDEO involved, to know they can make a difference. That’s really what this is about, people trying to make a difference with no agenda other than good government.” You can bet that brought a smile to Hall’s face. It’s also what thousands of others are saying across our nation, many of them in your communities. Why not make space available in your business for a High Noon Club of your own? Hall reports the High Noon Club started with a few members, then it grew to more than 50 attendees. And it continues to grow. “The numbers are impressive. There are so many, we have had to open up the next room for them. There is no sign of it slowing down as each meeting has new folks,” Hall said. To view the Channel 4 report on the High Noon Club, visit the SI Digital Bonus section of SI Digital readers, click the Video logo. Also, visit star player. The video press release is informative and entertaining. It gets the job done, in a way a “normal” press release could never have achieved. Well done to the folks at Viridian. The video press release can be viewed at www.viridiangreenlaser. com. SI Digital readers, SI DIGITAL VIDEO click the Video logo. 9 A Viridian Goes Unique In Announcement unique, we needed a unique way to unveil it,” said Brian Hedeen, Viridian president and CEO. The press conference features Matt Frank, Viridian’s national sales manager, delivering the message in classic news conference fashion, much like the season football coach discussing a just-signed well done goes out to Viridian Green Laser Sights for its clever press conference “news release” for the company’s new packaging. Let’s face it — how exciting and interesting can such an announcement be, even if it is “groundbreaking”? Viridian found a way in its July video press release. “Because this product package is so Visit Shooting Industry’s Product Index Feature SEPTEMBER 2010 53

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