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Shooting Industry September 2010 - Page 22

Arms Arms and the woman elf-defense guns are hot-ticket items. Anti-gun politics and a fear of violent crime towards women have boosted gun sales dramatically in the past couple of years, and manufacturers have responded by increasing their selfdefense gun offerings. The trend is towards ever-smaller and lighter guns that are easy to carry and conceal. Several models are updates of classics that are sure to appeal to the female market. Last year, Kahr Arms entered the .380 market with the KP3833 pistol. New this year is the Black Rose Edition, which sports a few feminine touches. Like the standard DAO pistol, the Black Rose is super lightweight, weighing just under 10 oz. The polymer-framed KP3833CSBR sports a high-polish, stainless-steel slide engraved with a black rose motif. The overall length on the 6+1 capacity gun comes in at 4.9", and its height is 3.9", making the KP3833 highly concealable in a pocket, purse or on the body. Features include a lock breech, Lisa Parsons-Wraith Small Handguns Perfect For Personal Carry S The Kahr Arms Black Rose Edition pistol and Taurus’ SLIM line of pistols are concealable — and sure to be popular with women. Browning-type recoil lug and a passive striker block. Kahr’s engineers worked hard to ensure the recoil on this little gun was manageable. Each Kahr Black Rose ships with two 6-round stainless steel magazines. A similarly engraved version is also available in 9mm for women who want a little more firepower. This is the perfect gun for women who want a firearm that expresses their femininity, but can’t abide the idea of a colored gun. Taurus SLIM Line Taurus has expanded its SLIM line of revolvers by offering the popular pistol in .380and .40-caliber versions. The company’s first SLIM pistol debuted in 9mm in 2009. Its claim to fame was a 7/8" frame with a capacity of 7+1. The .380 and .40 continue this slim tradition with the same frame and a weight of 19 oz. Both come in blue and stainless steel versions. The only difference? The .40 caliber’s capacity is 6+1, while the .380 still sports the original 7+1 capacity. The .380 and the .40 feature the key-based Taurus Security System, the Strike Two Trigger System and a trigger safety/manual safety. When you add up the safety features and highly concealable nature of these new Taurus offerings, it’s easy to see why they’ll be popular with women — especially those concerned with unauthorized access to firearms. Manufacturers, including Galco, DeSantis and more, have a variety of holsters available for the Taurus SLIM pistols, with options ranging from purse holsters and belly bands to belt holsters and IWB holsters. Affordable Apparel From Exxel Outdoors E xxel Outdoors is currently shipping its new line of women’s hunting apparel, named Master Sportswoman, that offers fashionable, sporty fits at affordable price-points. The new line promises to deliver styles that complement a woman’s figure, feel great and perform in the field. The collection consists of pants, T-shirts, hoodies and jackets in the Sherbrooke Plus leafy camouflage pattern, mixed with solid khaki and pink accents on selected pieces. To make sure the clothes work for a wide variety of women, the clothing will be available in size small to XXL. The suggested retail price on these items tops out at about $40, making the line highly desirable to women on a budget. Exxel Outdoors has an established track record in the men’s apparel arena, so this new line of clothing will be a fantastic, affordable option for your lady customers. For more information, visit or call (205) 486-5258. The Master Sportswoman clothing line from Exxel Outdoors combines comfort and affordability. 22 SEPTEMBER 2010 Read SI DIGITAL

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