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Shooting Industry October 2012 - Page 44 888-744-4880 “Standing flat-footed during a sunny afternoon on the square range won’t sell you on XS® Sights. Move your feet, shoot on your back, negotiate a shoot house—then you’ll appreciate the value of the 24/7 Big Dot sight.” - Paul Markel, Chiappa Firearms innovator Chiappa has a new player on their team – the M9 pistol. The latest addition to Chiappa’s line of quality firearms, the M9 is a true and faithful reproduction of the original, chambered in .22LR. Along with its cousin the 1911-22, these two reproduction handguns are “must haves” for serious collector-shooters. SEE your local gun dealertoday! walk in the door, Tropino said. “They do a lot more research, so when they do come in, they know what guns and what models they want to see. They do their own comparisons,” he said. Tropino said getting these customers to consider another manufacturer or model is difficult, particularly if it’s a gun the retailer doesn’t have in stock. Tropino also said salespeople often get so busy they don’t encourage customers to purchase accessories. “It’s hard to take an hour with one customer, even if you’re selling high-margin accessories, because you know you’re leaving other people unattended,” he said. “And because employees don’t have to do much to sell handguns, they develop bad habits and sometimes just hand customers what they ask for.” Tropino says this contributes to customers missing out on lesser-known but quality firearms, and retailers missing out on potential sales of these guns. “If you don’t encourage or incentivize your staff — or at least remind them to push both these guns and accessories — they often don’t make the extra effort,” Tropino said. The entire gun-buying dynamic is different in California. “We really haven’t seen the increase in handgun sales as much as other states have,” said Joe Ferrero, gun buyer at Gun World in Burbank, Calif. “Here, the increase is minor at best; it’s only about 10 to 20 percent.” Ferrero said he thinks California customers are accustomed to the kind of regulations the rest of the country fears. “We already have so many regulations in place that I don’t think people here are as afraid of gun legislation passing as everyone else is,” he said. For the most part, Ferrero said, sales have been fairly normal. “We had a little increase at the beginning of the year, but our summer months have been spotty, which is typical for us,” he said. “Our best sellers are Glock, SIG SAUER and Smith & Wesson. In Glock and SIG, customers are buying 9mm and .40. In Smith & Wesson, it’s 9mm and revolvers in .357 and .38. In Kimber and Springfield, .45s are very popular.” In his situation, Ferrero said, he and his staff are able to keep up with the add-on sales of accessories such as grips, cleaning supplies, holsters and other products. “That’s where we make our money,” he said. “If you don’t up-sell people with accessories, you won’t stay in business very long.” 9 California Factor Dealers — Are you using Shooting Industry ’s Product Index? It’s an invaluable resource, offering: Links to hundreds of new products Links to hundreds of articles in: Shooting Industry & other FMG magazines Links to hundreds of company websites Visit Click “Product Index” 44 OCTOBER 2012 SI DIGITAL Bonus Subscribe to SI DIGITAL

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