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Shooting Industry October 2012 - Page 40

Glock continues to be a best seller in virtually every region of the country. This G21 sports Crimson Trace’s Rail Master Universal Laser Sight. Beyond Top-Selling Handguns Sales Are Riding High. But Are Dealers Overlooking Equally Worthy Options? By Carolee Anita Boyles andguns are hot. No news there. Some pistols are so popular that many manufacturers are having difficulty keeping up with the demand. “Some manufacturers are at least three months behind on their production,” said Joe Ferrero, gun buyer at Gun World in Burbank, Calif. “It’s difficult to keep product in stock because manufacturers can’t make guns fast enough.” H What are the most popular selling models? Rick Kenny, sales manager at Kastle Keep in Largo, Fla., says Glock always sells well for him. “It’s not any particular model. It’s across the board. Glock pistols are very hot. The Smith & Wesson M&P also is a real hot item right now. Everybody has a caliber they like, but the most popular seem to be 9mm and .40,” Kenny said. Yes, handgun sales are hot, but are some sales being overlooked? Kenny thinks so. He says customers and retailers become so focused on the most popular firearms, they sometimes forget about other, equally worthy, handguns. The key to selling handguns properly, Kenny says, is to present your customers with as many options as possible, and to help them decide which option is best to meet their needs. “I don’t think dealers do a good job of that,” Kenny said. He says customers often tell him that another gun dealer told them to buy a specific model of handgun, and that “everything else is junk.” This annoys Kenny, who says retailers need to look beyond their own favorites to help the customer find the right firearm. “All the Ruger pistols are overlooked more than any other brand, but they’re also one of the most reliable handguns made,” he said. “People also tend to overlook Kel Tec. Colt is a fine gun that is often overshadowed, and Springfield is another manufacturer that gets overlooked.” Kenny said there are several specific Continued on page 42 Rick Kenny, sales manager at Kastle Keep, says dealers become so focused on the most popular firearms, they often overlook other top-quality handguns. 40 OCTOBER 2012 Subscribe to SI DIGITAL

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