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Shooting Industry October 2012 - Page 30

Arms Arms and the woman Lisa Parsons-Wraith Woman-Friendly Offerings From Dury’s Gun Shop andguns are hot sellers all across walk into a gun store, it’s full of crusty needs and her experience level are the the country, as worries about the old goats,” Rutkowski said. “But women first step in any handgun sale, according upcoming election and future won’t feel out of place in our store. We to Rutkowski. Inexperienced shooters changes to gun laws take center stage. Gun have women on staff and our president, interested in carrying concealed usually store owners have seen a marked increase Betty Dury, is a woman.” do well with a short-barreled, five-shot in handgun sales in the past year, and some Assessing a woman’s self-protection revolver like the Ruger LCR or Smith dealers have even experi& Wesson Model 642, he enced shortages on certain noted. Hammerless regun models and ammunivolvers with laser sights tion. Women shooters are are some of the most frepart of this handgun-buyquently purchased fireing surge — thus, catering arms at Dury’s. to women’s needs is smart Women interested in a business. gun to keep primarily in “Self-protection handthe home or in a vehicle guns are far and away the gravitate toward smallerprimary items women are framed semiautos, such as looking for,” said Gerthe Glock 19 or 17, or the ald Rutkowski, CEO of Smith & Wesson M&P. Dury’s Gun Shop in San “I helped a woman at Antonio, Texas. a clinic who had never In business since 1959, fired a gun before and did Dury’s does a brisk busiquite well with a Glock 17. ness in self-defense guns It seemed to fit her hand and prides itself on being In business since 1959, Dury’s Gun Shop prides itself on being a woman-friendly well. People seem to have a woman-friendly store. store. “We have women on staff and our president, Betty Dury, is a woman,” said a lot of faith and history in “Sometimes when you Gerald Rutkowski, CEO. Glock,” Rutkowski said. H Best Seller At Dury’s: The Sticky Holster T here’s a relatively new holster on the market that is very popular at Dury’s Gun Shop. “The Sticky Holster is the number one holster we sell,” Rutkowski said. “It’s synthetic, inexpensive and waterproof. It gets hot here in Texas and people sweat through leather, so the Sticky Holster makes sense.” Mike Christoff, president and owner of Sticky Holsters, said the Sticky Holster is very popular with ladies because it is more “curve friendly.” The rubber-like material is more flexible than a standard leather or Kydex holster, so it is better able to conform to the body. The holster’s sticky material makes it selfsecuring, which means it can be used as an inside-the-waistband holster or pocket holster — without straps or clips. The holster uses the compression of clothing combined with the nonslip material to keep the gun in place. The more compression from a garment, the better the holster will stay in place, noted Christoff. OCTOBER 2012 “Some women have even said they use it with yoga pants and it works great,” he said. Sound too good to be true? Check out the Sticky Holsters website — — which features a vid video of a woman wearing the holster while doing gymnastics in elastic-waist shorts. The gun stays securely in place. “Our goals are: practical, economical and comfort comfortable,” Christoff said. “The Sticky Holster makes the carry of handguns a little more convenient and comfortable.” This rig is highly practical, as it can be used in a variety of carry situations. Women also will like the fact that their gun can be safely moved from waist to purse without changing holsters. It is also light in weight and ambidextrous. The price-point on this handmade-in-the-USA holster can’t be beat — it retails for $24.95 and comes with a lifetime warranty. Women who rely on an ankle holster can try the Anklebiter leg rig, and Christoff reports that additional versions of the Sticky Holster are in development. The self-securing Sticky Holster is the top-selling holster at Dury’s. The rubber-like material is flexible and conforms to the body. 30 Subscribe to SI DIGITAL

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