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Shooting Industry October 2011 Digital Edition - Page 53

Industrywatch Kilting Up To Fight Cancer Continued from page 54 Email the Editor alutes to Magnum Boots USA for its partnership to help raise awareness of Prostate Cancer Awareness Month during September. The company joined with Alt.Kilt, a kilt manufacturer, and Internet bloggers “Motorcop” and “The Happy Medic” for the campaign. During the month of September, Motorcop (anonymous) and The Happy Medic (Justin Schorr), both police officers, wore kilts everywhere they went when off duty. “When a man walks into a room wearing a kilt, everyone has the same question — ‘what’s he got on under there?’” said Motorcop, whose blog can be found at www.motorcopblog. com. “Our aim is to bring as much awareness to male-specific risk factors for prostate and testicular cancer as we can. What better way to get the attention of others than through kilts?” Thanks to Magnum Boots USA and all those involved in this attention-getting campaign. For more information on prostate cancer, visit Also visit S F FNH USA Expands With Over-And-Under NH USA has added a lot of color — and competition — to its firearm line with the introduction of the FN SC-1, the first over-and-under sold by the U.S. subsidiary of FN Herstal S.A. “The FN SC-1 establishes a striking new standard in both performance and appearance that sets it apart from traditional over-andunder shotguns,” said Ken Pfau, FNH USA senior vice president of law enforcement and commercial sales. “This is a magnificent 12-gauge shotgun that is ready to go out of the box, and will definitely turn some heads at the team’s upcoming matches.” Only 200 of the new shotguns have been released, all presold to competitors and diehard FN owners. “We were pleasantly surprised by the enormous amount of interest we received from our customers. Plans for producing a second generation of the shotgun are already in the works for 2012,” Pfau said. This shotgun will sell. Expect lines at the FNH USA booth at SHOT Show. FN SC-1 Hard Braking “Fast And Furious” or an interesting read, visit and search: “Fueling Cartel Violence.” In this Congressional Joint Staff Report, dated July 26, “The Department of Justice’s Operation Fast and Furious: Fueling Car- F tel Violence,” the final line reads, “These controls are essential to ensure that no government agency ever again allows guns to knowingly flow from American gun stores to intermediaries to Mexican drug cartels.” 9 OCTOBER 2011 53

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