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Shooting Industry October 2011 Digital Edition - Page 45

Eighty percent of customers who hunt with a firearm also hunt with a bow, providing gun dealers opportunities for expanded sales. BOWHUNTING B owhunting continues to be one of the fastest-growing segments of the industry. With 80 percent of hunters bagging game with both firearms and bows, now is a great time for firearm dealers to offer bowhunting gear and, in turn, boost their profits. Expand To Profit From Your Multi-Hunting Customers By Ray Woods Marlon Dance, owner of Dance’s Sporting Goods in Colonial Heights, Va., with his brother Forest, knows firsthand how lucrative bowhunting can be for dealers. The 26,000-square-foot store offers a huge inventory of firearms, ammunition, related firearm and hunting accessories and fishing gear, along with bowhunting equipment. The Dances worked with the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries to legalize crossbows in Virginia for the 2005-06 hunting season. “The Game Commission was all for it because it started to increase license sales,” Dance said. “Now crossbow hunting in Virginia has become a real big thing. That first year we sold upwards of 500 crossbows.” Years later, Dance’s Sporting Goods continues to sell hundreds of both compound bows and crossbows every year, and boasts a full-service shop to set up bows for its customers. “Bows have turned into a big deal for us,” Dance said. “We do something a little different than other shops in that we only sell bows from Mathews and Mission,” which is Mathews’ lower price point bow line. Mathews is well known in the archery From TenPoint Crossbow’s top-of-the-line models, the 2011 Stealth XLT shoots a 420-grain arrow 320 feet per second. Visit www. tenpointcrossbowtechnologies. OCTOBER 2011 45

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