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Shooting Industry October 2011 Digital Edition - Page 40

Bianchi’s Model 152 Pocket Piece offers a unique “vertical assist” finger pad to help in drawing the holster from a pocket. Visit try to find out what exactly they’re buying. We make sure we stock those products in our store for when they do come in.” Masters constantly strives to separate himself from other dealers in the Louisville area, as he says there is a lot of competition in his local market. “We give away free T-shirts and promote our business through email, Facebook, Twitter and our own webpage at,” Masters said. “There are a lot of different facets we use to drive our business.” Masters believes it’s critical for dealers to use the Internet to foster growth for their business and drive foot traffic to their stores. “We’re spending a lot of money on our website in order to drive sales,” Masters said. “We would like to expand outside of where we are today, but we have to have sales to be able to do it.” Masters says there is “only so many pieces to the pie” because of the profit margins on handguns. To boost handgun sales, Masters says dealers need to be vigilant about trends in the market, cater to their customers and, perhaps most importantly, love what they do. “We enjoy the business very much,” Masters said, noting a second Lotus Gun Works location will be opening this month in south Florida. “You gotta have fun in it, there’s no question,” Masters said. “If you’re not having fun, you’re not creating the right environment for your store. That projects out to the customer.” 9 “Gotta Have Fun” 40 OCTOBER 2011 Subscribe to SI DIGITAL

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