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Shooting Industry October 2011 Digital Edition - Page 24

Arms Arms and the woman Lisa Parsons-Wraith Risk-Free Gateway To Women’s Clothing Market cross the clothing that fits c o u n t r y, a woman’s body. s h o o t High-performance ing sports retailers fabrics and funcstruggle with the best tional designs set way to serve women Próis apart from the shooting enthusiasts. competition — as do Experts agree women their dealer programs. are key to the future Pike recently apof the shooting sports pointed Katherine and a growing market. Browne to the posiMore women are headstion of dealer relations of-households than ever coordinator, signaling before, and women heavPróis’ commitment to ily influence a family’s dealer support. Browne discretionary spending. says Próis’ dealer inYet firearm manufacturcentive program allows Próis Hunting Apparel has a number of dealer incentives and support programs. ers still wrestle with how to Sales slicks and personalized displays are just part of their dealer support package. storeowners to enter into best serve women. Clothing the women’s clothing manufacturers are caught market with no risk. between a woman’s desire for quality pursuing — and one company is mak“The dealer incentive program has a hunting clothes, and her tendency to spend ing entry into this potentially lucrative $500 minimum order,” she said. “We remoney on her family before she spends it market much easier. ally try to work with small dealers, and on herself. Próis Hunting Apparel, founded by our exchange program is fantastic.” Evidently, the women’s market isn’t Kirstie Pike, has established its reputation Próis’ Dealer Exchange Program is the most straightforward, but it is worth as a source of quality, high-end hunting a guarantee from the company that if A upport for “ladies’ night out” events is another perk offered by Próis. At a recent event held at Sportsman’s Warehouse in Albuquerque, N.M., company pro staffers were on hand to explain the unique features of their products, and why they are worth the investment. According to Stephanie Dominguez, clothing manager at Sportsman’s Warehouse, the event was a success. “We did really well,” Dominguez said. “I’d like to see us do another one.” Dominguez says Próis products sell well in her store because they have feminine styling and fit S Further Dealer Support a woman’s curves. “That’s what women are looking for,” she said. Mark Sutton, of Cabela’s in Grand Junction, Colo., has also incorporated Próis’ pro staffers into several events. “Anytime they’re in the store, it draws more women in,” he said. “Próis does a great job of promoting the shooting sports, and they are a great resource for us.” Próis’ support allows storeowners to offer women-only clinics that provide instruction on guns, bows, clothing, accessories and services offered in your store. The events are also promoted on Próis’ website. In addition, Próis provides dealers with customized display signage, updated sales slicks for store employees, and a bimonthly dealer newsletter containing product and marketing information. You can also assure your customers that Próis stands behind its products 100 percent. “We’re very proud of our warranty program,” Browne said. “If there is any type of product failure, we will either fix it or replace it.” She notes that because Próis is high-end, high-performance clothing, it represents an investment to most womThe Próis Pro-Edition Generation X Jacket en, and that is why Próis guarantees its quality. features an extended hood with zipper “Good gear that fits is worth its weight in garage at the chin, plus wind-stopping gold,” she said. and water-resistant fabric. 24 OCTOBER 2011 Subscribe to SI DIGITAL

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