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Shooting Industry October 2011 Digital Edition - Page 15

A Altus Brands Expands Cass Creek ltus Brands announces it has acquired Heart Stopper Synthetics Deer Scent/Lure Co. to increase offerings in its Cass Creek line. “Previous owner Joel Eisler has done a great job of creating a strong, very effective scent product for the deer hunter, and we are proud to be able to continue his success,” said Charlie Ricci, Altus Brands executive vice president. Heart Stopper Synthetics manufacturing will be relocated from northern Michigan to Altus’ Traverse City, Mich., facility. For more information, visit Hunter Safety System, Barnett Offer Rebates H unter Safety System (HSS) and Barnett Crossbows have teamed up for a retail consumer promotion. Those who purchase an HSS vest or harness and a qualifying Barnett crossbow by Dec. 31 will be eligible to receive a rebate of $10 or $20. To qualify for the $20 rebate, consumers must purchase an HSS vest or harness with a price of $100 or more, and a Barnett Crossbow with a price of $299 or more. The $10 rebate is available with the purchase of an HSS vest or harness with a price of less than $100, and a Barnett Crossbow with a price of $299 or more. Qualifying models may be viewed online at www.hssvest.4myrebate. com, where rebate certificates are also available. For more information, visit and Ellett Brothers has added Magpul Industries products to its inventory. “The addition of Magpul increases our company’s ability to better serve our dealers by providing some of the hottest and most sought-after Black Gun accessories available,” said Chuck Walker, United Sporting Companies (USC) senior vice president. USC has two subsidiaries, Ellett Brothers and Jerry’s Sport Center. Visit Brownells is now the exclusive distributor of the TAC-21 Remington 700 Chassis. The modular chassis for Remington 700 short-action rifles is made by Modular Driven Technologies of Chilliwack, British Columbia. Call 1-800-741-0015 or visit www. Moon Shine LP, designer of Moon Shine Attitude Attire, announces it Continued on page 16 Now Representing — Distribution Now Representing — Sales STAND OUT AND BLEND IN ALL AT THE SAME TIME. 1-800-578-3767 OCTOBER 2011 15 Be The Resistance The camo-finished Prairie Panther AR-style rifle. Hunting will never be the same. The first camo-finished modern sporting rifle from DPMS. Available in Mossy Oak Brush® and King’s Desert® Shadow and equipped with a 20-inch 1x8 twist; stainless steel, fluted, Teflon®-coated heavy barrel; a carbon-fiber free-float tube; an A3 flattop; skeletonized stock; DPMS 2-stage trigger; and a Magpul® Enhanced Trigger Guard. ™ Resist convention. Resist the norm. Be the first to own the attractive yet stealthy camo-finished Prairie Panther AR-style rifle from DPMS. Visit to learn more.

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