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Shooting Industry October 2010 - Page 54

Industry Industry watch Who Should Take Their Place? Russ Thurman T he midterm election free-forall is here, marked by plenty of promises of change, changing the change, and such. If your brain is hurting from all the over-the-top rhetoric, stand by: It’s going to get louder — and more vicious. A vast number of Americans are fed up with the way the country is being run, and are committed to changing those in charge. Count me among them. The challenge is not replacing those in office on Nov. 3 — that’s going to happen. The challenge is: Who should take their place? Most often, we don’t vote for the person we want representing us, but rather, we vote against the person we don’t want in office. The lesser of two evils. We should elect those who have good character, sound principles and a true understanding of the foundations of our “ country. After that — and only after that — comes how those running for office view such things as gun rights. Sound like heresy? Not at all. The problem is that without the right foundation, the “view” We should vote against those who strangle the industry with the flavor-of-the-month restriction, rezoning and ordinance updates. changes often, usually about the time the person in office needs an infusion of money to get reelected. Yes, it’s a challenge to know whom to vote for. It’s far easier to know whom to vote against. We should vote against those who don’t support constitutional rights, such as the Second Amendment. We should ” vote against those who don’t support business. We should vote against those who strangle the industry with the flavor-of-the-month restriction, rezoning and ordinance updates. We should vote against those who have great disdain for personal freedoms. There is much talk in the industry that the present administration has too much on its plate to go after the firearms industry. While that may be true now, the dismantling of the firearm industry and the destruction of gun ownership are still very much in play. That hasn’t changed. But we can change some of the players. As stated here often, fighting the antigun battle is part of everyone’s checklist for daily business. On Nov. 3, add “vote” to the day’s must-do list. Your Help Is Needed H AVA will hold its 3rd Annual Family Day Nov. 13 at the National Shooting Complex in San Antonio, Texas. Honored American Veterans Afield (HAVA) raises awareness and assists disabled veterans with the healing process through active participation in outdoor sports. Their annual family day is an important part of the process, and HAVA needs your help to make the event a success. “After two years of success and growth, we are seeking your support to make the third event the best yet as we serve our nation’s heroes,” said Tom Taylor, HAVA chairman, who is also Mossberg’s vice president of sales and marketing. At the first family day in 2008, HAVA hosted 43 disabled veterans and activeduty military personnel, plus their families. Last year, there were 93 participants, plus families — over 200 people at the 2nd Annual Family Day. In addition, there were more than 100 volunteers to support the event. “This year we are expecting over 125 participants, plus families,” Taylor said. That means a lot more support is needed: shooting supplies, goody-bag stuffers (for 125 to 150 disabled participants) and raffle prizes. Plus, the event needs a lot of volunteers who can help in San Antonio. Donations should arrive at the range between Nov. 1 and Nov. 9. Address: HAVA, c/o National Shooting Complex, 5931 Roft Road, San Antonio, TX 78253. For more information on how you can help, call Taylor at (781) 789-2538 or email him at A wounded veteran and his daughter enjoy HAVA’s Annual Family Day. Continued on page 53 Subscribe to SI Digital: 54 OCTOBER 2010 Read SI DIGITAL It’s Free!

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