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Shooting Industry October 2010 - Page 53

Industry watch Y ou know things are right in the universe when Hoppe’s introduces a No. 9 Air Freshener. Since 1903, the smell of Hoppe’s No. 9 has evoked memories of early morning campfires and a great day hunting. This is the perfect air freshener for those who “love the smell of Hoppe’s No. 9 in the morning.” Visit www.hoppes. com. Continued from page 54 E-mail the Editor Hoppe’s Stirs Memories Southwick: Top-Selling Brands S outhwick Associates has released its most recent data on selected top-selling brands. The data is from Southwick’s monthly Internet consumer monitoring services: www. and For more information, e-mail: Top Sellers May2010 Brand S&W Remington Stoeger Remington Cabela’s MS* 1 3% 1 6% 26% 23% 22% June2010 Brand Springfield Ruger Remington Remington CenterPoint MS* 1 8% 1 5% 20% 24% 1 5% July2010 Brand Ruger Remington Mossberg Remington Tasco MS* 25% 22% 44% 25% 1 5% 22% Category Handguns Rifles Shotguns RifleAmmo Riflescopes GameCalls Primos 25% Primos 30% Primos *Marketshare:Percentageofallretailsalesattributabletothebrand. XRAIL Adds Firepower D Davidson’s Adds Videos M avidson’s has added 20 new videos to its library, which now offers a large number of online presentations of firearms. “Gallery of Guns TV” debuted on Davidson’s website in July. After viewing videos, consumers can get an instant quote for the firearm, and then purchase it via and 3,000 Davidson’s Gold Dealers nationwide. This is smart marketing that greatly expands Davidson’s reach, without cutting out the distributor’s dealers. View the videos at Call 1-800-367-4867 for more information. ark Roth is one smart man. One look at the XRAIL System he developed confirms that; plus, he’s devoted to the industry, has a great team working for him — and he’ll outwork most men on the planet. The XRAIL System attaches to a shotgun’s barrel, forward of the magazine tube — without altering the gun. Once in place, it allows up to 23 rounds to be loaded. Perfect for law enforcement, home defense and SI DIGITAL shooting competiHot Link Mossberg 930 with XRAIL tions, the XRAIL System is getting a lot of attention. You should give it some of yours. The system is available for selected Benelli, FNH USA, Mossberg and Remington shotguns. Check the Roth Concept Innovations website,, for a list of models the XRAIL fits, plus additional information. You may also call (920) 585-6534. SI Digital readers, click the logo to view a demonstration of the XRAIL. Missing Ed Pastusek Sign Up For A Free Subscription To SI’s All-Digital Edition. Visit missed having Ed Pastusek at this year’s Shooting Industry Masters. The 56-year-old president of XS Sight Systems died in March. He was a true gentleman. He also was a sharp businessman, who developed successful products during 30 years in manufacturing. His son, Jon, who has been with the company for 12 years, is now the president of XS Sights. “We’re real strong, and we’re getting stronger every day. My dad made a lot of investments in resources in order to keep growing. We want to continue to be a strong company, with good people who make good products. Every day, I’m reminded of the values my dad had and how he made that part of this company,” Jon said. XS Sights is shoulder-to-shoulder with people that reflect Ed Pastusek’s values. I miss him. Visit 9 I OCTOBER 2010 53

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