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Shooting Industry October 2010 - Page 44

By J.K. Autry BOWHUNTERS Your Newest Newest Customers Customers Your Dealers, These Hunters Are Already In Your Stores G Howard Communications un dealers noted, as they do each year, that bowhunting season opened before firearm hunting season across the nation. Unfortunately, most gun dealers didn’t capture all the sales they could have with these bowhunters. According to Kinsey’s Archery Products, “80 percent of bowhunters also hunt deer and other big game with firearms.” According to the Archery Trade Association, “the total spent on archery equipment is over $535 million a year.” This $535 million does not include products exclusively used for bowhunting, such as treestands, blinds, clothing, boots, optics, scents/lures, etc. “ Gun dealers, this can be your next customer. Many of your customers who hunt with a firearm, also hunt with a bow. Shouldn’t you sell them their bowhunting gear? 44 44 OCTOBER 2010 2010 OCTOBER Once you start archery, there’s no coming back. It’s a personal encounter with wildlife that people really love. It just makes sense for gun dealers to be in this market. Phillip Vanderpool, pro staffer, Hunter’s Specialties and Mathews So, yes, there’s a lot of profit in bowhunting products. As Kinsey’s states on its website, www. “If you’re a firearms dealer, you’ve got a built-in market right in front of you every day. Considering that bowhunting is rapidly expanding — Florida recently became the latest state to extend its archery season — the time is perfect for gun dealers to tackle this expanding market. Phillip Vanderpool, a pro staffer for Hunter’s Specialties and Mathews, says it’s natural for firearm hunters to ” Benefits For Hunters Read SI SI DIGITAL DIGITAL Read

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