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Shooting Industry October 2010 - Page 40

By Carolee Anita Boyles HUNTING DOG SALES SALES Heat Up Your Sales In This Niche Market The WetlandHunter Series electronic remote training collar from SportDOG has a range of up to one mile and features RealTree Max-4 Camo finish. Visit sportdog.html. H unting-dog products sell. Just ask Patricia Kukull, owner of Superior Shooters in Superior, Wis. “Customers prefer to buy their hunting-dog products in a hunting store,” she said. “We’ve had dog products for more than 15 years because people buy them.” Jimmy Bennett, owner of Georgia Wilderness Outfitters in Sylvania, Ga., agrees. “We’re a full-line outdoor store, so we need to carry dog products,” he said. “Our sales of these products increase every year.” But simply sticking dog products on the shelf won’t make hunters say, “Hey, I need that!” This is a niche category, and you need to treat it as one. OCTOBER 2010 2010 OCTOBER Place your dog products where your customers can’t miss them. “Our store is divided into two parts,” Bennett said. “We have camping and hunting on one side, and clothing, boots and gifts on the other side. The dog products are right where you have to turn to go to either side. Customers can’t miss them. We have a big floor bin full of throwing dummies right in front of them.” Kukull also positions dog products in the middle of the store. “Customers have to walk past our hunting dog products before they get to the guns,” she said. “So the products are right in customers’ faces.” Some of the brands Kukull carries in- “Can’t Miss” Location clude Hallmark Dog Training Supplies and Remington. She also takes advantage of vendor-supplied displays. “For instance, Remington’s products are displayed nicely and packaged nicely,” she said. Hunting dogs aren’t all pointers and retrievers. There are regional differences in how dogs are used for hunting. Many of Bennett’s customers hog hunt; Georgia Wilderness Outfitters is, after all, in the South. So he carries products for dogs used in hog hunting. “We have special harnesses and collars,” he said. “We get them from T&W Manufacturing in Keysville, Louisiana, Marketplace-Specific Products 40 40 Read SI SI DIGITAL DIGITAL Read

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