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Industry watch Bloggers Fire, Ready, Aim At Hornady n a classic example of Fire, Ready, Aim, bloggers unleashed a full-auto attack on Hornady in October, incorrectly bashing the company for a campaign contribution made by Margaret Hornady-David and her husband, Don. The former employees of Hornady reportedly made a contribution to Bob Kerrey, a Democratic candidate for the U.S. Senate. Responding to the barrage of misplaced criticism, Hornady posted the following statement on the company’s Facebook page: “Those of you who are familiar with Hornady Manufacturing Co., its management and Steve and Jason Hornady know our support of our industry is clear: ‘The right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.’ We love the shooting and hunting sports; insinuation that we would support any other position is wrong. Comments suggesting that we have should stop; they are ridiculous. “Margaret Hornady-David does not work for Hornady Manufacturing, nor is she an owner of the company. “We actively support and participate in the NRA, the NSSF and numerous other industry organizations. If you question our support of the industry, you are welcome to contact them and ask. “The thought that we would support anything opposing the shooting and hunting sports is absurd.” That statement, however, didn’t satisfy the bloggers, and Hornady posted another message. “As stated before, Margaret Hornady-David and Don David are not employees, board members, shareholders or owners in any way; they derive no income from our company or its operations. Margaret retired in 2009 and Don in 1999. “None of us have control over how our relatives think or vote — as much as we wish we did. Yes, Thanksgiving is going to be awkward for the Hornady family this year, but no one named Russ Thurman I It’s easier to send that blogging bullet downrange, and damn the consequences. Hornady at Hornady would contribute to any anti-gun legislation or politician. “Sincerely, Steve and Jason Hornady.” The Internet is a wonderful tool for communication. Companies throughout the industry, including Hornady, are using new media to successfully promote their brand, products and programs. Smart business. But there is also the downside. The Internet is too easily misused. Too often, “experts” fire from the keyboard, without first considering the obvious: “Hmmm. Hornady supporting an anti-gun candidate? That doesn’t seem right. Let me fire off an email to Hornady, or call them, and check this out.” I know — that makes too much sense. It’s easier to send that blogging bullet downrange, and damn the consequences. This standard operating procedure for some reflects on all bloggers — even those who do stand-up work in discussing all things firearms. To suggest that Steve or Jason Hornady are anti-gun is beyond ridiculous, it’s dimwitted. Solution? Only bloggers can police bloggers and hold them accountable. Those bloggers who don’t engage in chaos for chaos’ sake must step forward, and say, “Wait a minute,” and stop the undeserved, misguided bashing. Wait A Minute! The New Business Year ext year promises to be one of the most “interesting” years for business in decades. At Shooting Industry, the New Business Year is the focus of our mega December and January issues. In December, we look at what firearm dealers forecast for the new year, and what they’re doing to take advantage of today’s market. The issue also includes detailed information on SHOT Show 2013, plus the presentation of hundreds of new offerings in Part I of our 2013 Expanded New Product Showcase. In January, we present the 2013 business predictions by industry leaders, and the impact this month’s election will have on the industry. We’ll also provide updates on SHOT Show 2013, along with an Exhibitors Guide and our easy-to-read, inserted show floor map. The issue will also feature Part II of the New Product Showcase. Our goal in the December and January issues is to provide dealers with the tools to help them get off to a fast start in the New Business Year. If you will be at the SHOT Show, plan to visit us at Booth #16327 — we’re in the same location as last year. We’d like to shake your hand and get your thoughts on what you think are the hot new products, plus what you forecast for business in 2013. N 2013 2014 Continued on page 45 WWW. 46 NOVEMBER 2012 • • Subscribe to SI DIGITAL Shooting Industry Connection

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