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Manufacturers also offer options for women and youth shooters that provide a better fit, which increases comfort and the important safety factor. Peltor, Remington, Radians and other companies have scaled down The Elvex Sync safety glasses have a built-in brow guard, preventing earmuffs and shootsweat from entering the eye area. They are Ballistic Vo Rated at four ing glasses to fit times the ANSI standard. Visit smaller heads. A number of combetween the categories. panies, including Radians, Remington, Even “simple” earplugs have gone be- Pyramex, Pro Ears and Champion, are yond the disposable foam earplugs you’ve producing pink earmuffs sized specifically always had on your counter. Radians of- for women. Some of the same companies fers a do-it-yourself kit for custom molded are offering “kits” containing muffs or earplugs, and many foam plugs are now earplugs and shooting glasses styled for a washable and reusable. woman’s smaller face. Electronic protection includes either earmuffs or earplugs containing an elec- Stylish Eye Protection Customers tend to want stylish protectronic circuit that amplifies normal speech and environmental sound, but instantly tive eyewear, Smith says. “There are a lot of styles and options shuts off when a gun is fired. Some muffs have a single circuit that controls both available,” Smith said. “For example, sides at the same time, and others contain there are glasses with temples that are addual circuit technology so the two sides justable for both length and angle.” When choosing protective eyewear to function independently. Most hearing protection manufacturers stock in your store, always choose polyprovide educational materials for dealers carbonate lenses. Polycarbonate eyewear and consumers, to aid in understanding made specifically for shooters has an sound and how hearing protection prod- ANSI Z87+ rating. The most basic protection for shootucts work. Pro Ears offers such education on its ers, Smith says, is clear polycarbonate website, with an easy-to-understand ex- eyewear that fits over a shooter’s existing planation of its Dynamic Level Sound glasses. For more serious shooters, keep a Compression, along with a video that variety of lens colors in stock. “Eyewear with colored lenses can encompares the Pro Ears system with passive and “active clipping” technology. hance a shooter’s performance,” Smith Visit, and click “Tech- said. “There are a number of color options available, so you need to know the basic nology” and “Videos and Gallery.” A number of companies manufacture colors and what they’re good for.” Eyewear companies can provide color electronic earmuffs, including Radians, Peltor, Howard Leight, Battenfeld charts for lenses so you can help your cusTechnologies, Remington and Pro Ears. tomers select the best color for the type of In-the-ear protection is also offered shooting they do. Don’t overlook specialty packaging for by a number of companies, including SureFire. Their EP2 Sonic Defenders hearing protection and shooting glasses. received the 2011 Safety Product of the Browning, Radians, Claymaster and BobYear award from the Shooting Industry ster provide interchangeable lens colors in a single package for serious shooters. Academy of Excellence. The EP2 protects hearing, while permitting the user to hear routine sounds or con- Making The Sale Pickett says she encourages all her cusversations. Their double-flange stem design fits most people and features a NRR of tomers to purchase eye and ear protection. “In the course of a firearm sale, par24dB. Sounds, at safe levels, are allowed, while potentially harmful noises above ticularly if it’s a new customer, we ask him if he has eye and ear protection,” she 85dB are reduced. said. “We also ask the customer if he has something that safely stores the product he’s buying.” When the customer is a seasoned shooter, Pickett says, he often will ask about new eye or hearing protection. “He may say he’s looking for a particular dB rating, or tell us he’s broken his glasses and needs something more comfortable,” she said. “We try to accommodate whatever the customer is asking for, because it’s about what the customer wants, not what we want to sell.” Ultimately, an important part of any firearm sale is safety. There are numerous add-on products dealers should promote during the sale of a firearm — but none are as important as those that protect the customer’s eyesight and hearing, and provide a secure method of storing guns. 9 Caron Forensics’ home-defense storage cabinets are available in 2-foot and 4-foot (shown) models. Visit 30 NOVEMBER 2011 Subscribe to SI DIGITAL

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