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Shooting Industry November 2010 - Page 41

Stag Arms .22LR Lefty Conversion Stag Arms now has a .22LR conversion kit for its left-handed 5.56 AR rifles. The kit converts lefty rifles for .22LR ammunition in as little as 5 seconds. The kit allows the functioning of the forward assist and locks the bolt back on the last round. The kit ships with a 25-round magazine. The conversion kit is also available in a right-handed version. FMG Publications American Handgunner Reality Check FMG’s newest Special Edition, American Handgunner Reality Check, gives readers tips on surviving in the real world. Articles include: “Young Guns: Teaching Kids To Shoot,” “Stronghold: One Man’s Plan To Protect His Family” and “Myths of Armed Defense: Know The Law.” Reality Check also includes the 2011 Buyer’s Guide of guns, knives, lasers and lights. Dealers, to stock this title and other FMG Publications in your store, call 1-800-597-8065. Stag Arms 1-860-229-9994 SI DIGITAL Hot Link CATALOG #32 The only source that you’ll ever need for current, obsolete and military gun parts, gunsmith supplies, military surplus and shooting accessories. ONLY $22.95! (for the set) ITEM#TP-32 FMG Publications 1-800-628-9818 SI DIGITAL Hot Link Our new, two-volume Catalog #32 features our 1,180 page Reference Guide and our 352 page Accessory Catalog. Order your catalog NOW! Our latest edition features more than 180,000 individual items, over 650 schematic drawings and parts lists, and a store brand name to original manufacturer cross-reference. We carry products for hundreds of manufacturers including: s (ECKLER+OCHs#OLTs(IGH3TANDARD s2UGERs-ARLINs-AUSERs-OSSBERG s2EMINGTONs3AVAGEs3IG!RMSs'LOCK s5BERTIs!-4s"ENELLI /RDER WWW'UN0ARTS#ORPCOMTORECEIVEA REBATEONYOURSTWEBORDER U.S. Orders: Shipped bulk mail. Shipping charges included. Foreign Orders: Shipped air mail (30 day delivery) or surface (90 day delivery). Shipping charges additional. Mail: PO Box 299 West Hurley Ny 12491 — or — 226 Williams Lane, Kingston Ny 12401 /RDER4OLL&REEs4OLL&REE&AX'5.0!24s7EB'UN0ARTS#ORPCOM RCBS Maintenance Kits RCBS’ Press Maintenance Kit and Die Maintenance Kit each contain a cleaner/ degreaser with lubricant to flush grease and oil, a rust-preventative storage chemical, four brushes and a brush handle. For those who think that savage rifles sell themselves, thank you for being such a fan. For those who know better, contact us about being our new National Sales Manager. RCBS 1-800-533-5000 SI DIGITAL NOVEMBER 2010 41 Hot Link

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