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Shooting Industry November 2010 - Page 21

Arms and the woman the shoot a fun day for everyone. Every sponsor’s name and contact information is listed in a “thank you” brochure included in the participants’ goody bags. In other words, sponsors’ names went home with over 224 shooters — and at this particular event, over 60 percent of the shooters were new to the sport. “There are women who will come out and try something new just for the cause,” Fisher said. “Also, women who are married to shooters come out because of the cause. Some of them start competitive shooting after the event.” Organizers of the Shoot for a Cure match make a huge effort to create a woman-friendly event. No one under the age of age 16 is allowed at the event because Fisher says she wants parents to have a break from the kids. Also, before the event, instructors from A&M Shooting Academy hold an introductory handgun class for all registrants — a sure way to make beginning women shooters feel comfortable and boost attendance. The foremost goal of this type of event is to raise money for a charity, but the next objective is to attract women to the shooting sports. With this in mind, entry fees are reasonable and there is a social component. For $35, participants receive a T-shirt, lunch and gift bag. Another feature is a raffle. “We have great prizes,” Fisher said. “Charter Arms donated a Pink Lady .38 Special.” Tactical Solutions also donated a customized .22 rifle with pink anodized barrel and receiver, Fisher adds. Logo Gear From SHE W inchester Ammunition and SHE Outdoor Apparel have joined forces to offer women functional and stylish shooting apparel. Women who already love the fit and fashion of SHE clothing will be delighted with the addition of the Winchester logo. Styles bearing the legendary horseand-rider logo will be offered in short- and long-sleeve T-shirts, shooting shirts, tailored safari-style shirts and sweatshirts. A nice feature on the camp shirt and the padded long-sleeve shooting shirt is a pouch behind the shooting patch to accommodate an EvoShield shooting pad. The EvoShield uses new technology to disperse impact, rather than absorb it, like other pads. The EvoShield is also unique because it starts out as a soft, malleable material that permanently forms to the body, providing a custom fit. The thin, composite material is only 1/4"-thick and eliminates 80 percent of felt recoil. This trifecta of function, fashion and brand recognition is sure to make the Winchester/SHE clothing line a top seller with women. For more information, visit or call (281) 448-4860. 9 Winchester has teamed with SHE Safari to produce functional and fashionable logo wear, including the long-sleeve shooting shirt, which accommodates an EvoShield shooting pad. NOVEMBER 2010 21

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