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Shooting Industry November 2010 - Page 18

Outdoor Outdoor marketplace SureFire Breaks Its Mold With Lower Prices J.K. Autry R esponding to the tough economic climate, SureFire has broken its own “high-cost” mold by offering high-quality flashlights at lower prices with its new G2X and 6PX lines. This new series of LED illumination tools is the most affordable ever manufactured by SureFire — providing an attractive offering for dealers and customers. “In spite of the tough times, our mission is to keep quality products in the hands of our customers, and keep jobs in the USA,” said Dr. John Matthews, SureFire CEO and founder. “This was a big undertaking for SureFire, and I couldn’t be more pleased with our employees who worked so hard to make this happen.” The G2X and 6PX Tactical are not revolutionary in terms of technology — both offer a simple polymer reflector and a non-removable head — but feature the same quality construction materials that SureFire is known for, such as a virtually indestructible LED emitter that is microprocessor-controlled for optimum output and runtime. “By removing the cost to make the flashlights, we are able to pass the savings onto the consumer,” Matthews said. “The best part is that we did this without outsourcing. That’s virtually unheard of these days.” The G2X Tactical boasts an MSRP of $55, and the 6PX is offered at $79. For more information, visit SureFire’s new G2X and 6PX LED flashlights are made in the USA and carry a lifetime guarantee — yet are offered at a low cost. Visit surefire.html. First Shots 2nd Round Debuts D ealers, you’ve heard of First Shots, the NSSF program that just one question: “Do you have a classroom and a few shootintroduces new shooters to our sport. Now First Shots of- ing lanes?” That’s all a range operator or dealer needs to profers 2nd Round, an advanced session that vide customers with the opportunity to fire focuses on specific shooting topics, such centerfire firearms in a variety of calibers to as skeet, handguns for personal protecwork through the decision-making process tion, trap, sporting clays and action handin buying a handgun. gun shooting. This Try-A-Gun seminar provides any First Shots 2nd Round was held experirange of any size the opportunity to offer mentally at the Smith & Wesson Shooting 2nd Round, with each customer shootSports Center, offering a refresher course ing approximately 80 rounds. NSSF proon firearms safety rules and follow-up invides funding for ammunition and tarstruction on handguns. The success of the gets are supplied, to keep customer cost trial course set the stage for 2nd Round, and to a minimum. its variety of topics nationwide. For more information on the First “This class is a low-key, low-stress enShots 2nd Round program, contact Dalevironment for the novice shooter to ask na at or visit www. questions that he or she might not feel comfortable asking in another setting,” FMG Publications continues its support said Jay Bathgate, manager and senior of First Shots with the Ninth Annual Shootfirearms instructor at the Smith & Wesing Industry Masters, to be held July 22-23, son Shooting Sports Center in Springfield, 2011 at the Rockcastle Shooting Center, Mass. “This also gives a more experienced Park Mammoth Resort in Park City, Ky. shooter the chance to try multiple firearms NSSF offers a lot of support, including an For more information on entering a team, for fit, function and recoil prior to making advertising package, for range operators and a look at this year’s successful Masters a purchase.” hosting First Shots events. Visit www.first- event, which raised $32,000 for First Shots, Cyndi Dalena, First Shots manager, has visit 18 NOVEMBER 2010 Read SI DIGITAL

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