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Shooting Industry November 2010 - Page 12

Industry news ask Force 20-20, the committee formed at the NSSF Shooting Sports Summit to evaluate opportunities to grow hunting and the shooting sports, is testing its first initiative — a coordinated marketing effort in selected states designed to reactivate lapsed hunters and shooters. The “Take Me Hunting/Take Me Shooting” campaign is running this fall. NSSF is T Task Force 20-20 Launches Campaign funding the effort from a $500,000 overall commitment to support several Task Force 20-20 plans that aggressively promote hunting and shooting. The campaign, officials say, prompts inactive hunters and shooters to rediscover the fun and excitement of these great pastimes, and to answer a higher calling — to mentor a new generation of sportsmen and P] M T W L 2C?7D8# . #1389>9>79DD9>71>4>9C81B55H35<<5>D women. The pilot states are South Carolina, Alabama and New Jersey. “Together, NSSF and state agencies will make a strong appeal to formerly active hunters and shooters, and remind them how important it is to share their passion for the outdoors with a newcomer or a novice,” said Chris Dolnack, NSSF senior vice president. Through the use of print ads, direct mail and a hub website,, the Take Me Hunting/Take Me Shooting campaign will promote the message that mentors are sorely needed, that mentors’ hunting and shooting skills makes them well suited to provide an introduction to these activities, and that hunting and shooting can be enjoyed with families and friends. *853?=@5D9D9?>31>CD?@DBI9>7 !>?3;4?G>CD?@I?EB 1CC19<1>DB978D>?G@?G5B +>=1D3854CDB5>7D81>44EB129<9DI "5G9C#1389>5*??9CDBI?6565>35 I61BD8525CD(@<1D6?B=81F55F5B?G>54?B?@5B1D54 B4C ? G > 1 8 D ( + % " ; 3D9?>C)@51 5<6 C B E ? I B ? 6 5 > ? D ? C?C8? D85>5G"##-)(%#"5G9C#1389>5*??< ,Q_P]YPL]WdLOPNLOPTYOPaPWZ[XPY__SP7PbT^8LNSTYP ?ZZW78#8B>SL^L]]TaPOLYO_LVPY_SP^SZZ_TYR NZXX`YT_dMd^_Z]X /P^TRYPOMd_SP78?_PLX _SP78#8B>T^_SPWL_P^_PaZW`_TZYZQ_SP78? 8ZYZWT_STN=LTW;WL_QZ]X ?SP#NLWTMP]XZYZWT_STN B E C AU S E FA I L U R E I S N OT A N O P T I O N ]LTWXZOPWbL^OPaPWZ[PO_ZRTaPT_^Z[P]L_Z]^ R]PL_P]LNN`]LNd[ZbP]LYOPc_PYOPO]LYRP -PNL`^P1LTW`]P4^9Z_,Y:[_TZY ^^^34;KLMLUZLJVT “I want to commend the National Shooting Sports Foundation for taking the lead in bringing together the states, industry and NGOs to address recruitment and retention of hunters and recreational shooters,” said John Frampton, director of the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources. “The future of hunting and shooting may well rest on our ability to work together to ensure that hunters and shooters remain engaged in our sports.” The steering committee of Task Force 20-20 also plans to launch a “Models of Success” program focusing on states that have programs proven to deliver an increase in participation. The results of these and other Task Force 20-20 initiatives will be discussed at the next NSSF Shooting Sports Summit, which is scheduled for June 2011. Visit Shooting Industry’s Product Index Feature productindex.html Read SI DIGITAL 12 NOVEMBER 2010

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