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Shooting Industry November 2009 - Page 1

SUPPORT FOR STRICTER GUN CONTROL DROPS NOVEMBER 2009 SAFETY& When It Comes To CCW, We’ve Got You Covered SECURITY Kick-Start Sales! Go-To Headquarters: VARMINTS/ PREDATORS When it comes to concealed carry, there is no “one gun fits all”what works for one might not work for another. We here at STI are well aware of this, so rather than try to sell one model to all of our shooters we currently have 10 different models suitable for CCW. All are built to the highest standards people have come to associate with the STI name, and all will perform when you need it most. So each person can decide for themselves what works best for them. Isn’t choice a wonderful thing? AIRGUNS, PAINTBAll Fixing Sales Errors Marketing To Women Six Tips 512-819-0656 For a free catalog:

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