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Shooting Industry November 2011 Digital Edition - Page 8

Industry Industrynews Americans Strongly Support Hunting Avoiding The Unintentional Illegality — pg. 20 T here is good news for the industry, as a new study shows the majority of Americans strongly support hunting. The scientific telephone survey of American adults 18 and older was conducted in early September and commissioned by NSSF. Three-fourths of survey respondents (74 percent) said they approved of hunting, a level of support that has not varied by more than a few percentage points since 1995. “The numbers have been consistent over the past two decades. Support for hunting is solid,” said Mark Damian Duda, executive director of Responsive Management, the research firm that conducted the study. The new study went a step further than previous research, revealing extraordinary support for the “right to hunt.” No matter what their opinion is about hunting, Americans stand firmly behind a person’s right to hunt, with 94 percent agreeing it is “OK for other people to hunt if they do so legally and in accordance with hunting “ Americans stand firmly behind a person’s right to hunt, with 94 percent agreeing it is ‘OK for other people to hunt . ’ laws and regulations.” Only four percent of respondents wanted to strip citizens of the right to hunt. “It’s gratifying to see strong public support for our great tradition of hunting is unwavering,” said Steve Sanetti, NSSF president and CEO. “For many of us, it is extremely fulfilling to provide food for ourselves and our families through hunting. That’s one of the many reasons why NSSF and others work so diligently to protect hunting.” The survey also revealed the public was equally supportive of target shooting, with 93 percent agreeing target shooting is acceptable. Survey respondents closely matched the age, gender, race and region of the ” American population, aged 18 and older. Of the hunters in the survey — about 10 percent — the average age was 41. “It remains a goal of NSSF and the many programs it funds to increase hunting participation among all ages, especially by attracting younger participants and former hunters,” Sanetti said. “They will carry on this great American tradition, and continue to fund the protection of wildlife and habitat.” The billions of dollars generated through hunting license sales and excise taxes on firearms and ammunition, as well as fishing tackle, provide the foundation for wildlife conservation efforts in America. Excise taxes on firearms and ammunition sales have resulted in more than $6.8 billion benefiting conservation through the Federal Aid in Wildlife Restoration Act, also known as the Pittman-Robertson Act. For more information on the survey and other statistical data, visit www.nssf. org/research. uger has donated $30,000 to Honored American Veterans Afield (HAVA). The money was raised from the online auction of several collectible firearms. “Ruger has really made a difference with this series of unique gun auctions for HAVA’s benefit,” said Tom Taylor, HAVA chairman. “The proceeds from this program will help fund several major events, and allow HAVA to serve hundreds of additional disabled veterans whose service and sacrifice have bolstered the cause of freedom. These veterans often struggle with reintegration into civilian life, and HAVA hunts and shooting events can help them connect with outdoor life. Helping to rebuild their confidence in the future, despite their disability, is the payoff for the HAVA organization.” Eight historical firearms, including several prototypes and one model over 40 years old, were included in a series of auctions conducted since February. R Ruger Donates $30,000 To HAVA “It is Ruger’s privilege and honor to contribute to the HAVA mission this year. We intend to continue to support this cause, which serves such deserving American heroes,” said Chris Killoy, Ruger vice president of sales and marketing. “Donating valuable pieces of Ruger history could serve no greater good than to help contribute to the rebuilding of lives interrupted by national service and sacrifice. Hats off also to Ruger gun collectors who purchased these unique guns.” For information on how to participate in future auctions that benefit HAVA and other industry organizations, visit For more on HAVA, visit www. Rebate Helps Folds Of Honor See page 14 $30 Streamlight Recycles Batteries See page 16 9,300 lbs. “We need to establish a new generation of shooters.” Jeff Lepp, co-owner, Specialty Sports & Supply See page 24 Dealers: Thunder Ranch DVD Giveaway — page 43 8 NOVEMBER 2011 Subscribe to SI DIGITAL

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