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Shooting Industry November 2011 Digital Edition - Page 41

RJK Ventures Armory Racks Armory Racks are a high-density spacesaving solution for handguns. The racks allow in-place pistol removal and replacement in tight storage spaces. Racks are equipped with sturdy carrying handles, allowing portability and the ability to secure mounted pistols using a cable lock. Armory Racks can also be configured with a storage tray. Racks store up to eight handguns and measure 4 3/4 high x 16 1/2 wide x 8 3/4 inches deep. EZ Hunt & Haul Predator Trailer The Predator is a solid-wall, trailermounted hunting blind constructed on a 1-inch aluminum frame with Foam Core insulation, laminated ABS on the interior and a choice of Mossy Oak camo pattern on the exterior. It sets up quickly, and weather-tight walls reduce noise and scent. The Predator features one-way, camo-covered windows, and converts into a cargo trailer. Predator I features a 4 x 8 foot base and Predator II features a 5 x 8 foot base. RJK Ventures (949) 478-4755 SI DIGITAL Hot Link EZ Hunt & Haul (574) 354-7756 SI DIGITAL Hot Link Atsko U-V-Killer Camo U-V-Killer Camo is designed to be invisible to a deer’s eyes, but appears blaze orange to human eyes. Taking advantage of the difference between human vision and deer vision, a patented treatment that is invisible to humans appears as a defined camo pattern to deer, ensuring clothing disappears in the eyes of a deer. Camo is fade resistant, and is identified by pattern only when viewed in UV light. for current, obsolete and military gun parts, gunsmith supplies, military surplus and shooting accessories. ITEM#TP-33 ONLY $24.95! (for the 3-volume set) catalog #33 The only source you’ll ever need… Atsko 1-800-845-2728 SI DIGITAL Commercial Firearms Reference Guide and Firearms Accessory Catalog ITem #TP-33Cm. $20.50 military Firearms Reference Guide and Firearms Accessory Catalog ITem #TP-33mL . $11.95 Also Available as Two-Book Sets! Our new three-volume set for Catalog #33 features our: • 1,008 page Commercial Firearms Reference Guide with over 500 schematics, • 456 page Firearms Accessory Catalog, and • 240 page Military Firearms Reference Guide, with over 100 schematics Order your set NOW! Our latest editions feature more than 180,000 individual items, over 700 schematic drawings and parts lists, and a store brand name to original manufacturer cross-reference. We carry products for hundreds of manufacturers including: • Heckler & Koch • Colt • High Standard • Ruger • Marlin • Mauser • Mossberg • Remington • Savage • SigArms • Glock • Uberti • AMT • Benelli ® U.S. Orders: Shipped bulk mail. Shipping charges included. Foreign Orders: Shipped air mail (30 day delivery) or surface (90 day delivery). Shipping charges additional. Hot Link Mail: PO Box 299 West Hurley Ny 12491 — or — 226 Williams Lane, Kingston Ny 12401 Order Toll-Free: 866-686-7424 • Toll-Free Fax: 877-GUNPART • Web: NOVEMBER 2011 41

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