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Shooting Industry November 2011 Digital Edition - Page 11

SR Group Inc. announces that its 2011 E-Show held in July was an “overwhelming success.” “Savings Safari” took shooting sports dealers on the hunt for great deals, and offered them the opportunity to stock their shelves quickly and competitively, just in time for the fall season. “The E-Show showcased new products and exciting specials from renowned industry vendors, and gave participants the opportunity to take advantage of these unique deals, all directly from their personal computers,” said JoAnn Weisenford, RSR Group president and CEO. The “safari” included product introductions from vendors such as Springfield Armory, Walther and Troy Industries, special dealer programs, exclusive package deals, reduced pricing on select products, and the chance to win a daily prize giveaway for participating dealers. “All these advantages were offered to our customers from the comfort of their own home or store,” Weisenford said. “RSR Group pioneered the shooting sports industry E-Show, and continues to provide this unique opportunity to its customers.” For more information, visit R RSR Group’s “Savings Safari” A Success LaserMax Resolves Litigation aserMax announced in September a favorable conclusion of the patent infringement litigation, which it initiated in December 2008 against New Century NcStar Inc. According to LaserMax, the company and NcStar settled the lawsuit concerning NcStar’s alleged infringement of LaserMax’s U.S. Patent No. 7,421,818. LaserMax says, in the parties’ settlement of the case, that NcStar has expressly and irrevocably acknowledged the validity of the ’818 patent, and has agreed to cease manufacture and sale of the products that infringed upon it. NcStar has also agreed to recall any remaining inventory of those products from resellers, including brick-and-mortar dealers, catalogs, websites and wholesale distributors. Finally, NcStar has agreed to pay LaserMax an undisclosed sum. The remaining terms of the settlement are confidential. “Once again, this is good news for LaserMax and the firearms industry. LaserMax makes quality lasers, which should never be confused with imitation products,” said Susan Houde-Walter, LaserMax CEO. For more information, visit L Subscribe to SI Digital: It’s Free! A LOT OF PEOPLE WERE CONVINCED THE EARTH WAS FLAT. Show your customers the right way to take care of their guns. Our “go-anywhere” Breech-to-Muzzle® gun cleaning systems pull debris and fouling out of the barrel, rather than pushing it in to the action. For rifles, pistols and shotguns, Otis Technology is not only better for your business, it’s Smart Gun Care. ITEM 750 TACTICAL CLEANING SYSTEM 30" 34" 8" SMART GUN CARE NOVEMBER 2011 11

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