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Shooting Industry November 2011 Digital Edition - Page 10

Industry news TK has relocated its corporate headquarters, with expanded office space, to Arlington, Va. According to officials, the company will continue to maintain a strong presence in Minnesota, with approximately 210 Minnesota-based corporate employees. In total, ATK employs approximately A ATK Relocates Headquarters To Virginia 2,700 people in Minnesota. ATK currently employs approximately 3,500 people in the Mid-Atlantic region, where it operates facilities in Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia. “We are pleased ATK is joining the vibrant aerospace and defense community that contributes so much to the commercial base of our state, and look forward to the company’s continued growth and progress here,” said Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell. For more information, visit www. NASGW Sponsors NRA Life Of Duty Program ASGW has signed on as a sponsor of the NRA’s Life of Duty program that supports individuals who work to protect and defend the safety of the American people. NASGW members are asked to provide $2 N for each firearm sold in the month of December in order to purchase a special NRA membership category for U.S. military personnel. “This is an opportunity for our members to participate in a fantastic program that will benefit our active military,” said Jack Baumler, chairman of the board of NASGW. “When the board first heard about the program at the NRA Convention, we de- cided then and there we should participate.” The program helps tell the stories of American heroes via the website, www., and provides the opportunity for members to sponsor a one-year NRA membership for a uniformed American serviceman or -woman. For more information, visit www. Come See Our NEW Website! A LOT OF PEOPLE ARE CONVINCED CONVENTIONAL RODS ARE THE WAY TO GO. 10 NOVEMBER 2011 Subscribe to SI DIGITAL

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