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Shooting Industry May 2012 Digital Edition - Page 46

Industry Industry watch Remington Calls Out NBC Television Russ Thurman emington hit NBC Television hard following the attack on the gunmaker — and the firearms industry — during the “Rock Center” telecast April 11. “Regrettably, NBC continues to attack Remington, and now the entire firearms industry, with disappointing and factually inaccurate reporting, and calls for more government regulation,” said George Kollitides, CEO and executive chairman of Freedom Group and Remington. From the beginning of the NBC program, it was clear the report was designed to elevate the position of the media and the government in relationship to the Second Amendment and gun ownership. “Last night, Brian Williams again demonstrated NBC’s SI DIGITAL Hot Link anti-gun agenda with an upfront call for additional government oversight of firearms. Rather than encouraging Remington’s website,, presents a revealing contrast the exercise of personal responsibility and safe firearms between experts. SI Digital readers, click the hot link logo to access the site. handling, NBC, trial lawyers and their paid, so-called ‘experts’ have chosen to point the finger of blame at Remington and with facts and materials, which the network “either ignored or the firearms industry by misleading and sensationalizing issues never pursued.” involving tragic, but readily avoidable injuries. This reporting “In the coming weeks, Remington will make available inforonly further damages NBC’s already questionable investigative mation supporting the true historical facts, and showing NBC’s and reporting practices,” Kollitides said. manipulation of clear and readily obtainable evidence,” Kollitides said. The information will be available on the highly effective website: Launched before the “Rock NBC continues to attack Remington, and Center” report aired, the website provides in-depth information on Remington, along with impressive videos of expert gun ownnow the entire firearms industry, with disap- ers supporting the Model 870 and 1100. Remington also provides very damaging videos that clearly discredit the “experts” used pointing and factually inaccurate reporting, by NBC. “These ‘experts’ have been repeatedly hired by plaintiff’s atand calls for more government regulation. torneys to testify against Remington, as well as at least 16 other firearms manufacturers, to suit their own personal and economic George Kollitides, CEO and executive chairman of agendas,” Remington points out. Freedom Group and Remington In the latest report, CNBC senior correspondent Scott Cohn once again conducts the investigation, which NBC promoted The “Rock Center” report was NBC’s second assault on Rem- with the website headline: “Remington denies allegations of igington. In 2010, NBC News’ “Dateline” attacked Remington’s noring potential defect in some rifles, shotguns.” Model 700 trigger system. “Model 870 and 1100 owners know the truth. These shot“The previous CNBC story was based on rumors, unsubstanti- guns are used extensively under the most demanding conditions. ated claims and misstatements, rather than factual evidence of the Tens of billions of rounds have been fired through these firearms, reliability and performance of the more than five-million Model which are valued for their performance and durability by tens 700 bolt-action rifles produced over 50 years. The misinforma- of millions of hunters, shooters, law enforcement and military tion and sensational allegations were clearly addressed by Rem- personnel who have relied on these firearms for over 60 years,” ington in a point-by-point rebuttal, to which CNBC never both- Remington’s statement reads. ered to respond,” a Remington statement reads. A “well-done” to Freedom Group and Remington for counterIn the “Rock Center” report, NBC went after Remington ing these media attacks. Yes, the program aired, but Remington shotguns, Models 870 and 1100. There are more than 20 million has responded forcefully, and provided a place for the facts to be of the shotguns in the hands of gun owners. Before the “Rock presented. Visit Center” report aired, Kollitides said Remington provided NBC Continued on page 45 R Visit Shooting Industry’s Product Index Feature 46 MAY 2012 Subscribe to SI DIGITAL

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