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Shooting Industry May 2012 Digital Edition - Page 15

Traditions Names Sales Goex Powder Back In Production fter experiencing a production interruption in Leaders For 2011 raditions Performance Firearms has named Leisure Sales Inc. as its 2011 Rep Group of the Year. Leisure Sales Inc. is based in Auburn, Wash. Traditions also presented its 2011 Rep of the Year award to Doug Reiff, of H&G Marketing. For more information, visit www.traditionsDoug Reiff T June 2011, Goex Powder is now back in full production. The company successfully completed multiple projects for a safer, improved process facility. “Eight months of sweat, blood and tears from the staff at Goex. You can be proud of the Goex team. I sure am,” said Tim Vaitekunas, Goex COO. Goex is focusing its production to partially fulfill a new five-year U.S. military contract, as well as meet the demand of the sporting market of muzzleloading shooters and hunters. For more information, call (913) 362-9455 or visit A Propper International Unveils New Brand Identity ropper International named Bryan Griggs president of its sales division, and has unveiled a new brand identity. In addition to a new logo and tagline, Propper has a new brand vision extending across products, merchandising and marketing communications. “The new look emphasizes our brand platform of strength, and pays homage to the consumers we serve — law enforcement and military personnel,” Griggs said. “Strong products have been our focus for over 45 years. Now we’re bringing that strength to the forefront in everything we say and do.” Propper’s commercial products are distributed through more than 2,500 military, law enforcement and specialty retail stores and websites across the country. For more information, visit P Visit Shooting Industry's New Product Index Feature productindex.html 19.25” MIL STD 1913 STANAG 4694 COMPLIANT RAIL SPACE LM T LM 8 M RP STRAIGHT GAS TUBE RESISTS BENDING AND RETAINS BETTER ALIGNMENT WITH THE GAS KEY REDUCED TEMPERATURE TO RAIL, OPTICS AND BARREL FREE-FLOATING BARREL ® SM A IT ZT E RE S AND SOMETIMES ITS SMALLER It’s short. It’s thin. It doesn’t weigh much. It’s perfect. Already an industry leader in monolithic rail development, Lewis Machine & Tool is once again improving the way weapons are manufactured. The newly designed LM8 (slick octagonal rail) platform redefines what a rail should be by giving you a rail that is smaller, slimmer, lighter and more maneuverable. In short, we’ve reduced the amount of gun that you have to carry, without sacrificing the reliability that you want and the knockdown power that you need. 8 Sides, Hundreds of configuration possibilities, 1 kick-a88 gun. B EC AU SE FA ILU R E IS N OT A N O P T I O N Phone: 309-732-9527 ROCK SOLID ALUMINUM FORGING FIRED CARTRIDGE CASE DEFLECTOR NO LOSS OF ZERO FROM ROUGH HANDLING LM8 PLATFORM DESIGN MAKES FOR A SMALLER, SLIMMER, LIGHTER AND MORE MANEUVERABLE WEAPON VERSATILITY OF DIFFERENT SIZED RAIL SEGMENTS ALLOWS YOU TO ATTACH THE ACCESSORIES YOU NEED FOR THE MISSION AT HAND LM 8 IN T E L V ID E O TOP RAIL POSITION MATCHES M4 AND E3-TYPE WEAPONS MAY 2012 15

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