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Shooting Industry May 2011 Digital Edition - Page 46

Industry Industry watch Russ Thurman Southwick Announces Top-Selling Brands In 2010 S outhwick Associates has announced the brands hunters and shooters most purchased in 2010. This list was compiled from the 41,923 Internet-based surveys completed by hunters and target shooters who participated last year in HunterSurvey. com and In 2010, the top-selling brands, and their percentage of all purchases, include: • Rifle: Remington, 17.5% • Shotgun: Remington and Mossberg, virtual tie at 21.5% • Handgun: Ruger, 16.7% • Rifle ammunition: Remington, 25.3% • Shotgun ammunition: Winchester, 31.9% • Handgun ammunition: Winchester, 22% • Muzzleloader: Thompson/Center, 31.9% • Firearm scope: Bushnell, 17.1% • Binocular: Bushnell, 33.6% • Holster brand: Uncle Mikes, 19% • Target: Shoot-N-C, 31.3% These numbers are from Southwick’s 238-page report for 2010 that details consumer buying habits, along with other extensive marketing data. It’s valuable information for anyone looking for ways to expand their customer base. Southwick offers paid subscriptions to its data. Contact Rob Southwick via e-mail: Yes, You Can Sell Silencers T here is an ongoing myth that it’s illegal to own or sell silencers. Not true. Advanced Armament Corp (AAC), which offers an impressive array of silencers, is educating consumers and dealers on the product’s legality. As AAC points out on its website, you can sell silencers in 37 states to customers who are 21 years old (non-felons). The company has a very nice feature on a section of its website called “Can U. The Silencer University.” There are two degrees available at the university, one for your customers (undergrad) and one for dealers (graduate). Both are free and “teach you everything you need to know about silencers, from benefits to legality, and functionality to history.” How about silencers for hunting? For ranges? Sounds (no pun intended) like a great idea. Enroll in “Can U” at SI DIGITAL Hot Link Brunton Is Back! Dealers Offered Top Incentives runton, a company with a legacy that dates back to the late 1800s, has launched a major campaign to reestablish itself in the marketplace. Keys to the campaign are an aggressive marketing plan, new products and a major commitment to dealers. Brunton Hunting offers hunting optics, navigation gear and portable power products. “Through unconditional commitment to quality in our product lines and solid business practices with our partners, Brunton Hunting maintains itself as the pinnacle brand within these respective categories,” said John Smithbaker, Brunton CEO. “Offering partners and consumers the best products available, anywhere in the world, from a company that is dedicated to our partner’s success will enable us to make this journey together possible — that is our mission.” B Brunton is backing the commitment with its Full Line Partner Program for dealers. “This is not a volume-driven program to appease the mass discounters. This program is designed with our specialty partner’s best interest in mind. Becoming a Full Line Partner means we are in this together, and you can have the confidence that your association with Brunton Hunting will be a long-term success,” Smithbaker said. Brunton’s partnership commitment is real, says Kevin Continued on page 45 Join Us At The Rockcastle Shooting Center For The 2011 Shooting Industry Masters! page 26 46 MAY 2011 Read SI DIGITAL

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