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Industrywatch Continued from page 46 E-mail the Editor SHOT Show continued from page 30 Hermann of Rocky Mountain Sports in Riverton, Wy. “When I’m working with Brunton, I know I’m working with a brand that understands my business and my customers, while providing me with the tools and products I need to succeed in a competitive market. My customers respond to Brunton. My business is stronger because of the support Brunton provides me,” Hermann said. Smithbaker says Brunton Hunting guarantees superior profit margins. “The Full Line Partner automatically qualifies for a 5-percent incentive, which equates to an unprecedented 45-point margin towards the published MSRP for all categories,” Smithbaker said. Net 60-day payment terms are standard; however, as part of Brunton’s reestablishment campaign, it is offering a one-time optics and optics accessory load-order opportunity, which extends dating to 180 days for fall optics orders. Other features of the Full Line Partners Program include: • Exclusive products, and priority allocation of new items or backordered inventory; • Assistance in identifying best sellers in a dealer’s market, and exchange of underperforming items for stronger-selling products within each category; • Over $3,000 worth of promotional merchandising items, and customer referrals through the website’s Full Line Partner locator; • Special offers for key sales staff through Brunton Hunting’s Employee Award Program and Brunton’s Local Pro-Staff Program; • Onsite sales staff training and in-store clinics, and local advertising co-op support: $400 credit. To further drive sales, the “Red, White & Blue Trade-Up” program provides a consumer credit towards a new pair of Brunton Hunting Optics. “If customers bring in any working set of Swarovski, Leica or Zeiss binoculars or spotting scopes, they will receive a $1,500 credit towards the purchase of a new set of Brunton Hunting Icon Series Optics,” Smithbaker said. For more information on how to become a Full Line Partner, contact Shawn Buckley, national sales manager, at (307) 857-4777. Visit “It also allowed nearly 50 companies on our wait list to move into the show for the first time. It’s important to note that the equity exhibitors have earned in the priority point system remains intact,” Dolnack said. Will additional exhibitor space open up before next year’s show? “Not unless companies drop out between now and the 2012 show,” Dolnack said. There are still more than 200 companies on the wait list. NSSF continues to address questions about why the SHOT Show is held in Las Vegas, and why it’s using the Sands Convention Center. “In survey after survey, attendees and exhibitors want the SHOT Show to be in Las Vegas in January. The Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC) is not available to NSSF during January or February, so the only place large enough in Las Vegas to hold the show is the Sands Convention Center. People are generally pleased that we’re at the Sands. Is it perfect? No. Is it meeting the expectations of people right now? I think it is,” Sanetti said. Dolnack says he’d like to dispel a rumor concerning the LVCC versus the Sands. “People say, ‘You guys are only in the Sands because you make more money on it.’ The truth is, we pay more than twice the rent to be at the Sands than we did at LVCC. It’s not a matter of NSSF being greedy and making more money; it’s a matter of, we can’t get in the convention center before 2024. If you want to be in Vegas and you want to be there in January or February, it’s the Sands,” Dolnack said. Sanetti and Dolnack acknowledge there are still improvements to make to the SHOT Show. “We know the industry is watching us. They want to know, ‘Is NSSF really listening to what we say?’ Or are they saying, ‘You’re just a captive audience; you’ll just show up.’ We’re never going to do that, and we always try to make things better for them,” Sanetti said. “It’s a work in progress. We know we have some things we have to do for next year. It needs to be a great success; it needs to show greater improvement from 2011. It needs to be that way for NSSF; it needs to be that way for the industry,” Dolnack said. The 2012 SHOT Show will be held January 17-20. Visit and www. 9 MAY 2011 45 2012 And Beyond SHOT Show Auction Nets $107,550 A historic, factory-engraved Colt 1911 and an impressive cased pair of Browning 1911s, combined with the power of, proved record setting for this year’s SHOT Show auction. Coordinated by the Hunting Heritage Trust in conjunction with the NSSF, the annual auction raised $107,550. Interest in the Colt and Browning 1911s brought crowds of show attendees to the booth to check on the progress of the bidding. When the GunBroker. com gavel finally came down, the high bid on the Colt was a SHOT Show auction-record of $83,025. The Browning 1911s brought $24,525, among the highest bids for any SHOT Show gun. The auction benefits the Hunting Heritage Trust programs, which support America’s hunting and shooting sports traditions. Visit 9 Subscribe to SI Digital: It’s Free!

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